What You Should Do If You’re Unhappy at Work


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What You Should Do If You’re Unhappy at Work

You’re happy toِ haveِ a job andِ thankful youِ canِ pay forِ basic expenses, butِ afterِ a whileِ that’s justِ not enough.
Going toِ work, paying bills, goingِ home, andِ then doingِ it allِ over againِ the nextِ day canِ becomeِ miserable ifِ you don’t likeِ your job.
The good news is, thereِ mightِ beِ something youِ canِ do aboutِ your misery.

Identify why you’re unhappy

Before setting upِ a meeting withِ your boss, haveِ a clear idea ofِ what youِ wantِ toِ say.
What specifically makesِ you unhappy atِ work.
Your supervisor willِ haveِ plenty ofِ questions, soِ makeِ sure you’re able toِ clearlyِ articulate whatِ isِ wrong.

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Choose your meeting time carefully

When youِ set upِ your meeting withِ theِ boss, makeِ sure toِ haveِ it atِ the rightِ time ofِ day.
Make sureِ to haveِ your meeting atِ a time whenِ you’re bothِ thinking clearlyِ (Monday andِ Friday mornings areِ out).
Productivity expert Andrew Jansen saidِ mid-morning meetings onِ a Tuesday, Wednesday, orِ Thursday areِ best.

State why you’re unhappy

Now thatِ you knowِ exactlyِ why youِ aren’t feeling great aboutِ your work, thinkِ ofِ the bestِ possible wayِ toِ getِ your message across.
Try toِ state yourِ concerns withِ a positive attitude.
Explain whyِ you haven’t beenِ excited aboutِ work andِ calmly state howِ you haveِ beenِ feeling aboutِ your job.

Don’t just complain — bring solutions

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No oneِ likes a complainer.
If you’re goingِ to speak withِ your boss aboutِ what isِ making youِ unhappy, youِ needِ to balance thisِ outِ byِ presenting a list ofِ solutions.
Show thatِ you care aboutِ your job andِ that you’re willingِ toِ takeِ the initiative andِ do whatِ itِ takes toِ makeِ things better.

Have a backup plan

While thingsِ couldِ get betterِ atِ work, thingsِ couldِ alsoِ get worse.
Your supervisor mayِ start toِ feel thatِ you haveِ your ownِ interests aheadِ of theِ company’s andِ may start toِ find ways toِ getِ you toِ leave.
This isn’t goingِ to beِ a pleasant experience forِ you, soِ ifِ you sense somethingِ likeِ this isِ starting toِ happen, it’s time toِ makeِ plans toِ work elsewhere.

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