Your Kitchen and the Gym: What to Eat to Maximize Your Workout


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Your Kitchen and the Gym: What to Eat to Maximize Your Workout

Scheduling meals andِ snacks aroundِ your fitness schedule canِ make a big difference inِ howِ you feel duringِ a workout, andِ how muchِ you benefit fromِ it afterward.
Nutrient timing isِ very important, saidِ Dr.
Shawn Arent, director ofِ the Human Performance Laboratory atِ Rutgers University.

Before your workout

It’s bestِ to eat a large meal atِ least a fewِ hours beforeِ going toِ workout, Arent said.
Ideally,such meals shouldِ combine lean protein andِ plenty ofِ carbohydrates.
Arent saidِ heِ alsoِ encourages people toِ haveِ a smaller, high-carbohydrate snack orِ sports drink forِ energy withinِ anِ hour orِ so ofِ hitting theِ gym.

You absolutely need to eat before you go to the gym, he told MyHealthNewsDaily.

The needِ to eat isِ especiallyِ important beforeِ extended aerobic exercise.
They needِ a continuous supply duringِ long races, Zhou said.
Exerting yourselfِ whileِ you haveِ food sitting inِ your stomach canِ interfere withِ blood flow toِ theِ digestive tract, andِ can lead toِ stomach cramps andِ a heavy, lethargic feeling thatِ impedes efficient exercise.

After your workout

Post-workout meals play asِ important a role asِ what youِ eat beforehand.
The moreِ immediately afterِ working outِ you eat, theِ better,Arent said.
After strenuous exercise, theِ carbohydrates stored inِ the muscles andِ liver mayِ beِ used up, andِ the protein making upِ theِ muscles isِ partially broken down.Those nutrients needِ to beِ replaced.