Young Couch Potatoes Open Door to Future Heart Disease


Young Couch Potatoes Open Door to Future Heart Disease

For kids, tooِ muchِ time spent inِ front ofِ a computer orِ TV screen canِ lead toِ narrowed arteries inِ the backِ of theِ eyes — anِ early sign ofِ high blood pressure andِ future heart disease, according toِ a newِ study.
Kids whoِ exercised anِ hour orِ moreِ eachِ day hadِ wider arteries thereِ thanِ didِ children whoِ spent a halfِ hour orِ lessِ eachِ day beingِ active, theِ study said.
And theِ moreِ time spent watching TV, theِ narrower theِ arteries were, whichِ translates toِ anِ increase inِ blood pressure.

Translating screen time to artery health

Australian researchers surveyed theِ parents ofِ 1,492 children age 6 orِ 7 onِ the number ofِ hours theirِ children spend beingِ physically active andِ sedentary eachِ week.
Then theِ researchers tookِ digital photographs ofِ the arteries inِ the backِ of eachِ child’s eyes toِ measure howِ wide orِ narrow theyِ were.
On average, theِ children spent 1.9 hours a day beingِ sedentary inِ front ofِ a TV orِ computer screen, andِ 36 minutes a day beingِ physically active, theِ study said.

You have a clear window to see the health of the artery, Stevens said.

Why are narrowed arteries bad?

It’s long beenِ known thatِ narrowing ofِ the arteries isِ correlated withِ high blood pressure, Stevens said.
But theِ study shows thatِ signs ofِ heart risks canِ show upِ evenِ atِ a young age, justِ byِ beingِ sedentary.
But evenِ beforeِ kids areِ overweight, evenِ beforeِ they haveِ elevated cholesterol andِ blood pressure, justِ with theِ mere fact ofِ beingِ physically inactive thereِ areِ alreadyِ some ofِ the changesِ with blood vessels, Stevens said.