Young Adult Behaviors Key to Later Heart Health


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Young Adult Behaviors Key to Later Heart Health

Early adulthood isِ a key time toِ adopt healthy lifestyle habits toِ prevent heart disease inِ middle age, a newِ study finds.
The researchers foundِ that whenِ study participants wereِ inِ their early 20s, nearlyِ 44 percent hadِ a lowِ risk ofِ developing heart disease.
Maintaining a lowِ heart-disease risk intoِ middle age depended onِ engaging inِ fiveِ behaviors duringِ young adulthood, theِ researchers found.

The study was published Feb. 28 in the journal Circulation.

5 heart-healthy behaviors

In fact, oneِ recent study foundِ that onlyِ 7.5 percent ofِ people betweenِ the ages ofِ 25 andِ 74 areِ in thisِ low-risk group andِ are notِ overweight, according toِ background information inِ the article.
The participants provide information onِ their diets, andِ undergo physical exams andِ blood tests.
The participants’ average age wasِ 24 atِ the study’s start, andِ the researchers looked atِ whether theyِ engaged inِ fiveِ behaviors duringِ their young adulthood: maintaining a lean body mass index, avoiding excess alcohol intake, notِ smoking, eating a healthy diet andِ regularly exercising.

Why we let things slide

Many middle-aged adults develop unhealthy diets, gain weight andِ aren’t asِ physically active, Liu said.
Such lifestyles, ofِ course, lead toِ high blood pressure andِ cholesterol, diabetes andِ elevated cardiovascular risk.
Young people whoِ adopt andِ maintain healthy lifestyles willِ gain moreِ than heart health, Liu said.