Yoga for Babies: Is it Safe?


Credit: Baby yoga photo via Shutterstock

Yoga for Babies: Is it Safe?

They mayِ not beِ able toِ walk orِ talk, butِ they haveِ no problem arching theirِ bodies intoِ the downward dog pose.
Yes, toddlers andِ babies areِ doing yoga — studios nowِ offer classes forِ kids asِ young asِ 6 weeks old.
Yoga advocates sayِ the classes canِ help parents andِ infants bond, andِ promote development ofِ motor skills.

Yoga poses

Garabedian started herِ yoga practice forِ babies, toddlers andِ kids inِ 1999, asِ a wayِ toِ share yoga withِ herِ own children andِ bring like-minded parents together.
One pose called baby planet involves a parent lifting a baby’s arms toِ herِ side (first theِ right, thenِ theِ left) asِ the baby lies onِ herِ back, andِ then bringing herِ arms toِ herِ chest.
A pose called corkscrew, whichِ Garabedian saysِ aids digestion, involves placing theِ baby onِ hisِ backِ andِ slowly rotating hisِ thighs withِ your forefingers.

But is yoga good for babies’ health?

Movement guided byِ the parents stimulates muscle andِ nerve development, saidِ Dr.
However, it’sِ not specific toِ yoga, it’sِ anyِ movement, Small said.
However, recentِ research hasِ shown manyِ of theِ benefits ofِ massage alsoِ apply toِ yoga, evenِ in kids, saidِ Tiffany Field, research professor ofِ pediatrics atِ the University ofِ Miami School ofِ Medicine.

Yoga risks

Care shouldِ beِ taken whenِ performing yoga withِ infants.
In general, theِ younger theِ baby, theِ smaller andِ slower theِ movements willِ be, Garabedian said.
She hasِ parents sing words toِ theِ movements toِ makeِ sure theyِ doِ not goِ too fast.