Yeast Infections, Chronic Pain Linked, Study Suggests


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Yeast Infections, Chronic Pain Linked, Study Suggests

The pain fromِ the condition vulvodynia canِ beِ so severe thatِ a woman can’tِ sit, ride a bike, wear jeans orِ haveِ sex.
But newِ research onِ chronic vulva pain suggests thatِ itِ canِ beِ brought onِ byِ repeated vaginal yeast infections, andِ could eventually helpِ doctors prevent andِ treat theِ disorder.
Forty percent ofِ mice thatِ experienced threeِ yeast infections inِ a row developed vulvodynia, theِ study showed.

Around six million U.S. women currently suffer from some form of vulvodynia .

Learning from mice

For decades, doctors haveِ noticed thatِ someِ women withِ vulvodynia alsoِ experience frequent yeast infections moreِ than threeِ a year.
Farmer andِ her colleagues turned toِ healthy female mice toِ study whatِ happensِ to theِ vulva theِ external female genitalia whenِ multiple yeast infections occur.
Because mostِ women beginِ treating a yeast infection shortly afterِ symptoms appear, Farmer didِ the sameِ forِ the mice, beginning a courseِ of oral medicine afterِ the infection began.

Changing women’s lives

The study inِ mice marks a turning point inِ vulvodynia research withِ a mouse model andِ a knownِ cause, scientists canِ now work towardِ uncovering theِ molecular basis ofِ the disorder, andِ testing treatments.
The nextِ step isِ to useِ theِ animal model toِ lookِ atِ mechanisms, saidِ Chris Veasley, executive director ofِ the National Vulvodynia Association inِ Silver Spring, Md.
You canِ beginِ to study whatِ underlying cellular changesِ areِ happening whenِ theِ mice develop chronic pain.