Will Your Boss Be a Dic*? 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Signing That Contract


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Will Your Boss Be a Dic*? 7 Questions You Must Ask Before Signing That Contract

Part ofِ the job interview process involves theِ interviewer attempting toِ figure outِ whether youِ wouldِ beِ a good fit forِ the organization.
However, anotherِ (very important) purpose ofِ the interview isِ forِ you toِ decide whetherِ you canِ see yourselfِ atِ the company forِ longer thanِ a couple ofِ months.
Don’t wait untilِ you’re actuallyِ hired toِ decide whetherِ you canِ work wellِ with yourِ boss.

Here are seven questions you should ask a potential boss in a job interview.

1. What is your management style?

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The answer toِ thisِ question willِ letِ you knowِ what you’re inِ for.
Depending onِ howِ the interviewer responds, you’ll beِ able toِ seeِ some glimpses ofِ your future boss’ personality andِ expectations.
The answer willِ tellِ you whetherِ you’ll beِ getting a micromanager whoِ won’t letِ you breathe orِ a Bossy McBoss Pants whoِ expects youِ toِ getِ him coffee inِ the morning, pick upِ hisِ dry cleaning, andِ babysit hisِ kids duringِ your lunch break.

2. What resources will be available to help me do my job?

How theِ manager answers thisِ query canِ show youِ someِ things aboutِ the state ofِ the company, asِ well asِ what heِ or sheِ values.
A boss whoِ isِ only interested keeping hisِ budget fat won’t beِ pleasant toِ work with.
If youِ find you’ll haveِ to pay forِ your ownِ training, travel, andِ office supplies, youِ mightِ want toِ rethink yourِ job choice.

3. What are your expectations for the first 90 days?

If yourِ future boss mentions a crisis theِ company isِ experiencing andِ how heِ expects youِ toِ fix itِ inِ three months, beِ afraid.
Unless thisِ isِ why you’re beingِ hired, alarm bells shouldِ beِ going off.
He mightِ beِ planning toِ use theِ newِ hire asِ anِ inexpensive means toِ address a company crisis thatِ hasِ beenِ ignored forِ way tooِ long.

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4. Why is this position open?

The manager mightِ not beِ forthcoming withِ theِ answer, butِ it doesn’t hurt ask.
If youِ knowِ someone whoِ works forِ the company, youِ mightِ want toِ doِ some digging andِ ask whyِ theِ employee beforeِ you left.
Also, seeِ whether youِ canِ find outِ the average turnaround time forِ employees inِ that position, asِ well asِ other employees whoِ work forِ the company.

5. How are employees encouraged to achieve work-life balance?

The answer toِ thisِ question willِ tellِ you a lot aboutِ how muchِ (or little) employees areِ valued.
Your future boss’ reply canِ offer insight intoِ hisِ or herِ views onِ howِ employees areِ expected toِ perform andِ whether theِ company isِ family- andِ health-friendly.
If youِ getِ a sense youِ wouldِ beِ expected toِ work nonstop withoutِ a vacation andِ that work comesِ beforeِ your overallِ well-being, that’s a warning sign yourِ manager wouldِ place moreِ importance onِ gettingِ the job doneِ than keeping youِ safe.

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6. What are examples of situations where you would sever ties with an employee?

Were employees fired forِ taking tooِ manyِ vacation days orِ beingِ out sick tooِ often.
Did theِ hiring manager makeِ anyِ negative comments aboutِ parents leaving early toِ attend a child’s basketball game.
Unless youِ neverِ needِ a vacation, don’t getِ sick, andِ don’t haveِ anyِ children, thisِ mightِ not beِ the rightِ job forِ you.

7. What is a typical day like in the office?

This isِ a common interview question, butِ it canِ help youِ decide whetherِ you’ll beِ a good fit withِ theِ boss andِ company culture.
You canِ alsoِ get a sense ofِ this byِ just beingِ observant andِ looking aroundِ the office.
If everyoneِ looks miserable, thisِ couldِ beِ a clue asِ to howِ you’ll beِ feeling afterِ a couple ofِ months onِ the job., 7 ] .

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