Wide Faces Predict Unethical Behavior | Face Width


Credit: LiveScience photo illustration; Dreamstime

Wide Faces Predict Unethical Behavior | Face Width

A man’s face mightِ hint whetherِ heِ is bad toِ theِ bone, withِ scientists finding thatِ wider faces mightِ predict unethical behavior inِ men.
Now researchers haveِ discovered thatِ broad-faced men appearِ more likelyِ to deceive theirِ counterparts inِ negotiations andِ are moreِ willing toِ cheat inِ order toِ increase theirِ financial gain.
In oneِ study, researchers analyzed howِ willing people wereِ toِ lie.

Just a study

The scientists cautioned the public to not take such findings to extremes.

Are weِ advocating forِ the active discrimination ofِ men born withِ relativelyِ wider faces.
Haselhuhn said.
Our answer, ofِ course, isِ ‘no.’ While ourِ findings provide compelling evidence thatِ men’s facial structure isِ a reliable physical cue ofِ the likelihood ofِ engaging inِ ethically questionable behavior, weِ stress thatِ itِ isِ butِ one ofِ manyِ factors thatِ affect unethical judgment andِ action.

Not all bad

Also, theِ researchers noted men withِ broad faces areِ not allِ bad.
In otherِ research, weِ haveِ foundِ that theِ facial structure ofِ Fortune 500 CEOs predicts firm financial performance, suchِ that CEOs withِ relativelyِ wider faces achieve greater financial success forِ their firm, Haselhuhn noted.
Future research canِ investigate whetherِ men withِ broad faces haveِ truly evolved toِ beِ less ethical, orِ whether theseِ men ‘learn’ toِ beِ less ethical overِ time, Haselhuhn noted.