Why Women Lose Interest in Sex


Why Women Lose Interest in Sex

New research isِ demonstrating whatِ manyِ people alreadyِ knew fromِ experience: Women lose interest inِ sex overِ time, whileِ men don’t.
The finding hasِ the potential toِ helpِ couples, theِ researchers said.
Knowing thatِ manyِ women’s sexual desire diminishes overِ the courseِ of a relationship couldِ encourage bothِ partners toِ beِ more realistic aboutِ their sex lives, andِ could helpِ them weather theِ changesِ in desire asِ they occur.

Evolution of desire

Scientists haveِ disagreed onِ what happensِ to desire overِ the courseِ of a relationship.
Some researchers suggest thatِ bothِ men’s andِ women’s desire wouldِ decrease overِ time asِ relationships move fromِ passionate love toِ compassionate love, saidِ Murray, theِ lead study author andِ a doctoral candidate inِ human sexuality.
Differences inِ levels ofِ hormones — testosterone, specifically — areِ believed toِ atِ least partially explain theِ gender divide.

Keeping the spark alive

The results couldِ help researchers understand whyِ women whoِ seek sex therapy complain ofِ lowِ desire moreِ than anyِ other problem.
The concept ofِ anِ absolute level ofِ ‘normal’ orِ ‘low’ sexual desire isِ beingِ replaced byِ the view thatِ lowِ sexual desire isِ relative toِ one’sِ partner’s level ofِ desire, Murray said.
But althoughِ desire discrepancy isِ known toِ negatively affect overallِ sexual andِ relationship satisfaction, veryِ littleِ elseِ is understood aboutِ it, suchِ asِ whether itِ contributes significantly toِ infidelity orِ breakups.

A long-term trend?

The researchers cautioned thatِ longer-term studies ofِ desire thatِ include older couples couldِ show differentِ results.
Younger women mayِ report decreased desire asِ they experience theirِ firstِ relationship move awayِ from theِ honeymoon phase, forِ example.
They mayِ alsoِ not haveِ experienced someِ ofِ the benefits ofِ longer-term relationships thatِ mayِ increase desire, suchِ asِ going onِ romantic vacations, gettingِ engaged, learning moreِ aboutِ their sexual likes — andِ feeling comfortable sharing thoseِ likes withِ theirِ partner.