Why the Urge to Pee Ruins Sleep for Some


Why the Urge to Pee Ruins Sleep for Some

For mostِ people, sleep isِ undisturbed byِ the needِ to pee, becauseِ our bladders seemِ to hold moreِ urine overِ night.
New research shows thatِ the body’s internal clock controls theِ production ofِ a key protein thatِ helps regulate theِ bladder’s capacity toِ hold urine beforeِ needing toِ empty.
The findings mayِ someday yield newِ therapies toِ helpِ children whoِ involuntarily wet theِ bed orِ adults whoِ frequently wake upِ atِ night toِ urinate, researchers said.

Finding the rhythm

Previous research hasِ shown thatِ mice withِ anِ increased amount ofِ connexin43 haveِ a lowerِ functional bladder capacity — thatِ is, theirِ bladders require lessِ liquid beforeِ it triggers theِ needِ to pee.
The researchers inِ Japan wondered whatِ role theِ protein plays inِ normal bladder function andِ how it’sِ affected byِ the time ofِ day.
Mouse urination events areِ very tiny; it’sِ not asِ simple asِ them peeing inِ a cup, youِ measuring itِ andِ moving on, Meredith explained.

Treating bladder problems

This research explains whyِ healthy people doِ not urinate duringِ sleep, fromِ the standpoint ofِ bladder function, study co-author andِ urologist Dr.
Akihiro Kanematsu, ofِ the Hyogo College ofِ Medicine inِ Japan, told LiveScience inِ anِ email.
Whatever theِ case, theِ research hasِ implications forِ treating nighttime urination problems inِ children andِ the elderly, Kanematsu said.

The study was published today (May 1) in the journal Nature Communications.