Why Prescription Drug Addiction Is Growing Among Teens


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Why Prescription Drug Addiction Is Growing Among Teens

By theِ time Jessica McDonald wasِ 13, sheِ hadِ alreadyِ started drinking, smoking marijuana andِ using Adderall — a stimulant usedِ toِ treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — toِ getِ high.
I wanted toِ haveِ friends, andِ the onesِ I usedِ drugs] withِ wereِ theِ onesِ who tookِ meِ in.
But herِ drugs ofِ choice — prescription pills — highlight anِ increasingly pervasive problem among U.S.

Too easy to get, too addictive

The mostِ commonly abused prescription drugs include painkillers (such asِ the opioids OxyContin andِ Vicodin), sedatives orِ depressants (such asِ Xanax orِ Valium) orِ stimulants (Adderall orِ Concerta), according toِ NIDA.
andِ before veryِ long, theyِ getِ hooked, saidِ Dr.
McDonald’s mother tookِ herِ to a therapist afterِ her father’s physical abuse, butِ that didn’tِ stop herِ fromِ continuing toِ abuse drugs, including OxyContin, orِ to hide herِ habit fromِ her mother, whoِ didn’tِ want toِ believeِ that I couldِ abuse, McDonald said.

What parents can do

Still, byِ the time abuse isِ caught, parents haveِ fewِ options, including outpatient therapy (whether individual orِ group), orِ anِ in-patient treatment program thatِ takes theِ teen outِ ofِ their environment forِ weeks orِ months, experts said.
While noِ plan isِ fail-proof, theِ experts offered theseِ tips: McDonald, nowِ inِ herِ second month ofِ sobriety, wishes herِ mother wouldِ haveِ cracked downِ harder onِ herِ instead ofِ trying toِ beِ her friend.
I honestly wishِ myِ mother wouldِ haveِ disciplined meِ more, butِ she wanted toِ beِ more myِ friend thanِ parent, becauseِ of whatِ myِ dad didِ to me, sheِ said.