Why Does Spinning Make You Dizzy? | What Causes Dizziness?


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Why Does Spinning Make You Dizzy? | What Causes Dizziness?

In theِ labyrinthine structure ofِ the innerِ ear, thereِ areِ three semicircular canals arranged atِ right angles toِ oneِ another, soِ that eachِ senses theِ movement ofِ your head alongِ a differentِ axis, andِ allِ three collaborate toِ orient youِ inِ 3D space.
Your ears sense motion byِ detecting theِ way tiny strands ofِ hair lining theِ canals wave backِ andِ forth inِ this moving liquid, likeِ water plants swaying inِ a river current.
The strands, called hair cells, areِ suspended inِ a gelatinous substance called cupula, layered belowِ a fluid called endolymph.

Then, suddenly, you stop!

But becauseِ of inertia, theِ endolymph keepsِ spinning, resisting change yetِ again.
As theِ fluid continues toِ move, itِ once againِ deflects theِ cupula — thisِ time inِ the direction inِ which youِ wereِ spinning moments beforeِ — andِ as theِ oozing cupula bends thoseِ hair cells, a signal ofِ movement isِ transmitted toِ theِ brain.
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