Why Do Movie Theaters Serve Popcorn?


Why Do Movie Theaters Serve Popcorn?

The savory smell.
The crunchy bite.
The salty kick.
The buttery finish.
Americans willِ recognize theِ smell andِ flavor ofِ their favorite moviegoing snack anywhere.
Why isِ it thatِ we feast ourِ taste buds onِ these crisp kernels whileِ ourِ eyes feast onِ the big screen?

A fewِ converging aspects madeِ popcorn theِ quintessential movie snack, according toِ Andrew F.
Smith, author ofِ Popped Culture: A Social History ofِ Popcorn inِ America.
Mostly, itِ boiled downِ to theِ snack’s price, convenience, andِ timing.

Fun fact: popcorn doesِ not refer toِ theِ popped kernel alone.
It’s alsoِ the nameِ forِ the specific type ofِ corn thatِ isِ used toِ makeِ the snack.
They wereِ likeِ the great-great-grandfathers ofِ food trucks.

Since popcorn wasِ cheap toِ make, itِ was alsoِ cheap toِ buy, whichِ increased theِ popularity ofِ this treat duringِ the Great Depression.
The Depression increased consumer spending onِ cheaper luxury items suchِ asِ popcorn andِ movies, andِ the twoِ industries teamed up.
Theaters wouldِ allowِ a particularِ popcorn salesman toِ sell rightِ outsideِ the theater forِ a daily fee.