Why Do Humans Walk in Circles?


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Why Do Humans Walk in Circles?

When lost inِ the desert orِ a thick forest terrains devoid ofِ landmarks people tend toِ walk inِ circles.
Blindfolded people show theِ sameِ tendency; lacking external reference points, theyِ curve aroundِ in loops asِ tight asِ 66 feet (20 meters) inِ diameter, allِ the whileِ believing theyِ areِ walking inِ straight lines.

Why can’t we walk straight?

Only recentlyِ haveِ scientists begun toِ makeِ gains inِ answering thisِ age-old question.
The researchers alsoِ ruled outِ random physical errors, suchِ asِ incorrect gauging ofِ howِ you needِ to move yourِ legs toِ walk straight, arguing thatِ these wouldِ causeِ walkers toِ meander backِ andِ forth inِ a zigzag fashion ratherِ than toِ trace outِ circles.
The researchers believeِ that loopy paths follow fromِ a walker’s changing sense ofِ straight ahead.

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