When You Should Never Post a Selfie


There are plenty of times when it’s OK to post a selfie. But these situations are not among them | iStock.com

When You Should Never Post a Selfie

These days, everybodyِ takes selfies.
We’re allِ concerned withِ howِ to lookِ betterِ in photos, andِ we allِ worry aboutِ how toِ takeِ a flattering photo whenِ noِ selfie stick isِ available.
It should goِ without sayingِ that thereِ areِ a fewِ times andِ places inِ which it’s completely inappropriate toِ takeِ andِ share a selfie.

1. When you should be paying attention to your friends

When you’re hanging outِ with yourِ friends, itِ doesn’t hurt toِ snap a quick photo orِ two ofِ the group orِ your surroundings, butِ you shouldِ neverِ halt theِ group’s activities forِ more thanِ a fewِ seconds toِ takeِ andِ post a selfie.
If youِ canِ quickly assemble theِ group andِ take theِ photo, noِ problem.
But don’t distract yourselfِ andِ everybody elseِ from theِ activity atِ hand inِ order toِ takeِ a dozen photos, deliberate overِ which oneِ isِ the mostِ flattering, andِ then goِ through theِ lengthy process ofِ choosing theِ rightِ filter andِ selecting theِ rightِ hashtags toِ post itِ on multiple social networks.

When you should be hanging out with friends, it may not be the best time to stop the party to take a selfie | iStock.com/dolgachov

2. When you should be eating

Everybody hasِ that friend whoِ seemsِ perfectly well-behaved throughِ theِ process ofِ ordering food atِ a restaurant and thenِ waiting forِ their meal toِ arrive.
But asِ soon asِ the food isِ on theِ table, theyِ demand thatِ everybodyِ elseِ atِ the table delay eating soِ that theyِ canِ take a picture ofِ the food or, evenِ worse, capture a selfie withِ everybody’s food inِ the background.
Stop annoying yourِ friends andِ save theِ selfie-taking forِ when youِ don’t haveِ food that’s gettingِ cold.

3. In the middle of a workday

Unless youِ work inِ social media andِ have theِ express permission ofِ your boss toِ document yourِ work life onِ Instagram, youِ shouldِ neverِ post a selfie fromِ the office.
Your manager andِ colleagues probablyِ won’t lookِ too kindly onِ what theyِ mightِ regard asِ narcissistic tendencies.
And yourِ social media followers areِ likely toِ thinkِ thatِ you’re bragging aboutِ where youِ work orِ what youِ doِ atِ the office.

4. When you’re driving

Don’t keep everybody from eating so that you can take a selfie with their food in the background | iStock.com

If you’re oldِ enoughِ to haveِ a driver’s license, weِ hope thatِ you knowِ that it’s a bad idea toِ use yourِ smartphone whileِ you’re inِ the driver’s seat.
It’s anِ especially bad time toِ takeِ a selfie andِ to worry aboutِ posting thatِ selfie toِ your favorite social networks.
Keep yourselfِ andِ others safe andِ save theِ selfie-taking forِ a time andِ place whereِ you aren’t operating a moving vehicle.

5. During or right after a workout

You mayِ feel great afterِ a grueling workout — andِ for good reason.
But it’s notِ the bestِ time toِ post a selfie.
Sweaty skin andِ hair that’s plastered toِ your face aren’t a particularlyِ flattering look, especiallyِ not whenِ your phone isِ only a fewِ inches fromِ your face.

6. When you’re wearing a swimsuit

No matter how great you look in that fancy corner office, it’s not an appropriate time to take a selfie | iStock.com/DragonImages

Your comfort level withِ posting selfies inِ which you’re onlyِ scantily-clad isِ probably dependent onِ your age andِ your body image.
But ifِ you thinkِ thatِ your parents, yourِ kids, orِ your colleagues wouldn’t wantِ toِ seeِ a photo ofِ you inِ your swimsuit, thenِ reconsider posting it.
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7. When it’s too dark to get a good photo

Your hair mayِ beِ perfect andِ your outfit mayِ beِ great, butِ if theِ lighting isn’t suitable forِ a selfie, don’t push it.
Even theِ mostِ expensive smartphone hasِ its limitations asِ far asِ low-light photography isِ concerned.
Posting a selfie whenِ it’s tooِ dark toِ getِ a good photo won’t doِ you anyِ favors.

8. When you’ve already posted a dozen selfies in a row

When you’re driving, you should keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel. Don’t endanger yourself or others to take a selfie | iStock.com

You mayِ (correctly) assume thatِ your followers likeِ seeing yourِ gorgeous face pop upِ inِ their feeds.
And yourِ face isِ probably pretty easy toِ photograph, especiallyِ if youِ don’t haveِ anyِ other brilliant ideas forِ your daily Instagram post.
Seeing tooِ manyِ selfies canِ irritate yourِ friends andِ followers.

9. When you’re bored

If youِ don’t haveِ anythingِ interesting toِ post, youِ mayِ beِ tempted toِ takeِ a selfie justِ to add somethingِ newِ to yourِ Facebook orِ your Instagram profile.
But thereِ isِ such a thingِ asِ too manyِ selfies, andِ posting a selfie everyِ time you’re bored practically guarantees thatِ you’ll annoy yourِ online followers veryِ quickly.
Save theِ selfies forِ when there’s actuallyِ something exciting goingِ on, andِ your friends andِ followers areِ more likelyِ to actuallyِ pay attention insteadِ of immediately thinking it’s justِ anotherِ selfie.

10. When you’re making fun of someone else

We certainlyِ hope thatِ you’re notِ posting hate speech orِ using a selfie toِ share evidence ofِ a crime thatِ you’ve committed.
But youِ shouldِ alsoِ avoid usingِ selfies toِ doِ other thingsِ thatِ areِ in poor taste, likeِ making fun ofِ other people.
Don’t post selfies thatِ were takenِ with theِ intent ofِ offending somebody, antagonizing someone, mocking someone, orِ drawing negative attention toِ somethingِ that somebody else hasِ done.

11. When you’re doing something that could get you fired

It’s upِ toِ you ifِ you wantِ toِ document yourِ drinking orِ drug use.
But it’s almost neverِ a good idea toِ post a selfie thatِ shares suchِ activities withِ others.
It’s a well-known fact thatِ employers, bothِ current andِ potential, aren’t aboveِ looking atِ your social media profiles.

12. When the selfie includes somebody who wouldn’t want you to post it

If you’re takingِ a selfie withِ your bestِ friends, yourِ friends probablyِ knowِ that theِ image willِ endِ up onِ social media, andِ they likelyِ don’t mind. But youِ shouldn’t post a selfie ifِ somebody whoِ wouldn’t wantِ theِ photo online isِ included inِ the frame. Many people areِ concerned aboutِ their privacy online (and rightly so).