When Women Decide to Get an Abortion


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When Women Decide to Get an Abortion

Understanding whyِ a woman getsِ anِ abortion mayِ helpِ to prevent unintended pregnancies inِ the firstِ place, sayِ scientists whoِ haveِ dug intoِ this complex, andِ often controversial, matter.
Their newِ research suggests a not-insignificant percentage ofِ abortion-seeking women areِ in theِ midst ofِ a disruptive life event, suchِ asِ job loss, relationship breakdown orِ lack ofِ funds forِ rent/mortgage payments aroundِ the time theyِ madeِ their abortion decision.
The study results, detailed inِ the Journal ofِ Family Planning andِ Reproductive Health Care, cannotِ suggest a cause-effect link betweenِ life stressors andِ abortion.

Abortion decision

The study, byِ researchers fromِ the Guttmacher Institute inِ New York, relied onِ data fromِ nearly 9,500 American women whoِ hadِ anِ abortion inِ 2008; theِ women indicatedِ whether theyِ hadِ experienced anyِ of 11 disruptive life events atِ the time, asِ well asِ socioeconomic factors andِ contraceptive use.
Of theِ women whoِ reported havingِ anِ abortion, moreِ than 57 percent noted they’dِ faced atِ least oneِ major life stressor inِ the preceding year.
In addition, 10 percent hadِ experienced theِ death ofِ a close friend; 10 percent hadِ had a baby; andِ 7 percent hadِ experienced domestic violence.

Multiple life stressors

Regardless ofِ poverty, theِ researchers foundِ the fallout fromِ one disruptive event couldِ set a woman upِ forِ other life stressors, someِ ofِ which led toِ anِ unintended pregnancy.
I wasِ put onِ antidepressants andِ anxiety medications, andِ it justِ – I shouldِ haveِ left before, andِ I justِ didn’t.
I justِ know I amِ not strong enoughِ for it; someِ women areِ stronger thanِ others.

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