What’s the Difference Between Jam, Jelly, and Preserves?


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What’s the Difference Between Jam, Jelly, and Preserves?

Jams, jellies, andِ preserves wereِ developed byِ industrious fruit eaters ofِ days pastِ asِ methods ofِ keeping fruits fresh outِ ofِ season.
When theِ option toِ freeze andِ refrigerate becameِ available, fresh food thatِ was inِ season inِ warmer climates couldِ survive a trip elsewhereِ for consumption, removing theِ needِ forِ old-time preservation techniques.
While noِ longer a necessity, someِ older methods ofِ storing foods becameِ traditional delicacies.

The biggest difference betweenِ jelly, jam, andِ preserves isِ howِ much ofِ the original fruit isِ used toِ makeِ them.
Jelly hasِ the smoothest consistency andِ is madeِ byِ crushing a fruit andِ discarding theِ solid chunky leftovers.
This leaves onlyِ the fruit juice, whichِ isِ then mixed withِ a substance called pectin andِ heated toِ form theِ gelatinous spread.

Looking forِ the mostِ authentic flavor.
Jam orِ preserves willِ containِ the richest portions ofِ fruitiness, whileِ a jelly’s flavor willِ beِ slightly bogged downِ byِ the gelatin.
This isِ why preserves areِ often called forِ in cooking andِ baking, asِ they containِ the largest amount ofِ the fruit’s flavor inِ a mixable form.