What’s the Difference Between Bison and Buffalo?


Jack Dykinga/U.S. Department of Agriculture

What’s the Difference Between Bison and Buffalo?

It’s easy toِ understand whyِ people confuse bison andِ buffalo.
Both areِ large, horned, oxlike animals ofِ the Bovidae family.
There areِ two kinds ofِ bison, theِ American bison andِ the European bison, andِ two forms ofِ buffalo, water buffalo andِ Cape buffalo.
However, it’s notِ difficult toِ distinguish betweenِ them, especiallyِ if youِ focus onِ the threeِ H’s: home, hump, andِ horns.

Contrary toِ theِ song “Home onِ the Range,” buffalo doِ not roam inِ the American West.
Instead, theyِ areِ indigenous toِ South Asia (water buffalo) andِ Africa (Cape buffalo), whileِ bison areِ found inِ North America andِ parts ofِ Europe.
Despite beingِ a misnomer—one oftenِ attributed toِ confused explorers—buffalo remains commonly usedِ when referring toِ American bison, thusِ adding toِ theِ confusion.

Another major difference isِ the presence ofِ a hump.
Bison haveِ one atِ the shoulders whileِ buffalo don’t.
The nextِ telltale sign concerns theِ horns.