What’s the Difference Between a Turtle and a Tortoise?


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What’s the Difference Between a Turtle and a Tortoise?

What isِ a tortoise anyway.
Is itِ just a fancy wayِ toِ sayِ “turtle”.
Well, actually, there’s a meaningful difference betweenِ tortoises andِ other turtles.

The mostِ important thingِ to remember aboutِ tortoises isِ that theyِ areِ exclusively land creatures.
They live inِ a variety ofِ habitats, fromِ deserts toِ wet tropical forests.
(Unlike mostِ sea turtles, whichِ takeِ to land onlyِ when theyِ areِ laying eggs, tortoises don’t haveِ much toِ doِ with water otherِ than drinking itِ andِ occasionally bathing inِ it.) However, notِ allِ land turtles areِ tortoises; thus, box turtles andِ wood turtles haveِ beenِ called tortoises, thoughِ theyِ areِ not considered tortoises today.

One wayِ toِ furtherِ distinguish tortoises fromِ other turtles isِ to lookِ forِ certainِ anatomical features.
The testudinids (their family isِ Testudinidae) areِ easily recognized becauseِ allِ share a unique hind-limb anatomy madeِ up ofِ elephantine (or columnar) hind limbs andِ hind feet.
Tortoises areِ generally vegetarians, whileِ otherِ turtles areِ omnivorous.