What If You Ate Only One Type of Food?


What If You Ate Only One Type of Food?

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Doctors haveِ urgerd herِ to change herِ ways, butِ Irvine’s case gotِ us wondering: whatِ would actuallyِ happen ifِ you ate onlyِ oneِ type ofِ food forِ your entire life.
According toِ Jo Ann Hattner, a nutrition consultant atِ Stanford University School ofِ Medicine andِ former national spokesperson forِ the American Dietetic Association, choosing toِ eat onlyِ oneِ fruit, vegetable orِ grain wouldِ lead toِ organ failure.
Consuming onlyِ meat wouldِ eventually force yourِ body toِ start munching onِ your ownِ muscles.

Life as a meat purist would also be a dead-end.

Without carbohydrates, you’reِ goingِ to start toِ break downِ some ofِ your muscle mass toِ getِ the energy, Hattner said.
However, thereِ isِ one food thatِ hasِ it all: theِ oneِ that keepsِ babies alive.
The onlyِ food thatِ providesِ allِ the nutrients thatِ humans needِ isِ human milk, Hattner said.