What Happens When You Swallow a Diamond?


Credit: Creative Commons | KeepOpera

What Happens When You Swallow a Diamond?

5) afterِ an X-ray revealed heِ hadِ stolen andِ swallowed a diamond worth $13,600 atِ a gem exhibition inِ Sri Lanka.
In a botched sleight-of-hand, Chow Cheng, 32, ingested a 1.5-carat diamond heِ was inspecting atِ anِ exhibition stall andِ tried toِ replace itِ with a synthetic one, butِ the owner ofِ the stall sawِ himِ doِ it.
Forensic investigators retrieved theِ rock byِ monitoring theِ thief’s bowel movements inِ a special police cell withoutِ a flushing toilet, according toِ CBC News.

In other words, 65 percent of the time, pointy diamonds will not hurt you.

But sometimesِ diamond swallowers find themselvesِ among theِ unlucky minority.
Back inِ 2010, a Sri Lankan man swallowed severalِ condoms containingِ more thanِ 2,000 diamonds worth $670,000 altogether, andِ attempted toِ smuggle theِ riches throughِ anِ Indian airport.
According toِ NBC, local police commissioner SR Jangid saidِ ofِ the smuggler, During questioning, heِ couldِ not sit comfortably andِ when questioned, heِ told theِ police thatِ heِ was suffering fromِ piles.