15 Weird Things Happened to Celebrities While Filming Their Sex Scenes

Weird Sex Scenes

Actor Michael Douglas and actress Kathleen Turner smile at an event. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI

15 Weird Things Happened to Celebrities While Filming Their Sex Scenes

Quite a few actors refuse toِ getِ naked inِ front ofِ a camera; theyِ want toِ keepِ some parts ofِ themselves private.
But anotherِ big reason actors avoid filming sex scenes isِ becauseِ pretending toِ haveِ sex forِ a film canِ beِ a veryِ awkward experience.
So whatِ didِ some ofِ these actors sayِ aboutِ filming sex scenes.

15. Michael Douglas on Romancing the Stone

Michael Douglas starred withِ Kathleen Turner inِ the 1984 action movie Romancing theِ Stone.
Unfortunately, theِ then-39-year-old actor experienced a common middle-age problem duringِ a sex scene.
Douglas told Entertainment Tonight, “We wereِ twisted a certainِ way inِ lighting itِ — I sawِ it, itِ was reallyِ beautiful, sensual, sexy, looksِ gorgeous — I started gettingِ a backِ spasm fromِ one wayِ fromِ staying inِ one position takeِ afterِ take.

Leonardo DiCaprio embraces Kate Winslet in Titanic | 20th Century Fox

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14. Kate Winslet on Titanic

Leonardo DiCaprio andِ Kate Winslet filmed oneِ ofِ the mostِ iconic sex scenes inِ movie history.
(How canِ anyoneِ forget theِ sweaty palm againstِ the car window?) Their friendship evenِ brought themِ together toِ film otherِ movies.
Winslet shared herِ thoughts withِ Rolling Stone aboutِ filming theirِ sex scene forِ Titanic:

The Rose in me was reaget

lly sort ofِ loving theِ Jack inِ him, actually.
And evenِ though I didn’t feel thatِ way aboutِ Leo, itِ was quiteِ nice toِ sort ofِ feel thatِ way inِ the scene.
And I remember lying thereِ thinking, “What a shame that’s over.” Because itِ was quiteِ nice.

Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson | Focus Features

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13. Dakota Johnson on Fifty Shades of Grey

In Fifty Shades ofِ Grey, Dakota Johnson played theِ shy Anastasia Steele, whoِ getsِ into anِ S&M relationship withِ theِ rich, Christian Grey.
The movie required filming multiple sex scenes, especiallyِ in Christian’s “red room” soِ Dakota Johnson gotِ advice fromِ her mom onِ howِ to approach filming theseِ scenes.
The scenes inِ that room wereِ definitelyِ the mostِ vulnerable scenes inِ the movie.

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12. Jon Hamm on Bridesmaids


Kristen Wiig plays Annie, a character whoِ hasِ a casual sexual relationship withِ Jon Hamm’s character.
I mean, sure, there’s awkwardness aboutِ being inِ a weird flesh-colored thong, bouncing onِ top ofِ anِ actress.
I amِ not a small human being.

11. Julia Roberts on Pretty Woman

Actress Julia Roberts smiles at the 69th Cannes Film Festival. | Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images

Pretty Woman was Julie Roberts’ firstِ foray intoِ a sexier movie involving intimate scenes.
She andِ co-star Richard Gere received manyِ accolades andِ became a legendary on-screen couple.
But theِ funny thingِ isِ that we’d becomeِ such a family, thisِ particularِ crew, weِ becameِ so close toِ oneِ anotherِ that byِ the time a scene likeِ this cameِ up — everyoneِ knowing theِ way thatِ I felt andِ you knowِ my valueِ ideas aboutِ it andِ then myِ own personal ideas aboutِ it andِ my problems withِ itِ — thatِ byِ the time weِ gotِ downِ to anythingِ that wasِ a bit scary everybodyِ was moreِ nervous aboutِ it thanِ I was.

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10. Jason Statham on Crank: High Voltage

Crank: High Voltage | Lionsgate

In theِ sequel toِ Crank, Chev Chelios hasِ to give hisِ battery-powered heart jolts ofِ electricity toِ keepِ going.
As Amy Smart explained toِ Parade: Jason andِ I lying inِ the middle ofِ a racetrack, withِ horses galloping pastِ andِ racing fans loving everyِ minute ofِ it.
I’m sureِ people snuck inِ their littleِ cell phone cameras.

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9. Lena Dunham on Girls


Leave itِ to theِ show creator toِ compare acting toِ sex slavery.
And someِ wonder whyِ sheِ doesِ it, including herself.
“I willِ beِ lying there,” sheِ told Conan O’Brien, “kind ofِ beingِ slammed byِ a naked body, thinking, ‘I wantِ outِ ofِ this bed.

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8. Rosamund Pike on Gone Girl

The thriller followsِ a woman whoِ hasِ goneِ missing, andِ her husband whoِ isِ a suspect inِ herِ disappearance. Rosamund Pike hadِ to film a shocking sex scene withِ Neil Patrick Harris forِ the film, whichِ wasِ awkward forِ many reasons. “You’re alone withِ a man who’s notِ your husband whoِ alsoِ has a husband … he’s inِ hisِ underwear, you’re inِ your underwear andِ you’re sort ofِ dry humping onِ a bed.”

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7. Natalie Dormer on Game of Thrones


There areِ many sex scenes onِ the fantasy TV show, butِ that doesn’t meanِ the actors getِ used toِ it. “Anyone whoِ saysِ they’re laid-back aboutِ sex scenes isِ a fibber,” saidِ Dormer. “The choreography ofِ a sex scene isِ so unsexy andِ unglamorous, it’s allِ aboutِ camera angles, youِ haveِ to recreate theِ moment soِ manyِ times.

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6. Ryan Reynolds on The Change-Up

In theِ comedy, Ryan Reynolds plays a single man whoِ switches bodies withِ a married father ofِ three kids. The actor alsoِ has a sex scene withِ Olivia Wilde, butِ she played a funny trick onِ him, whichِ heِ revealed onِ the The Tonight Show withِ Jay Leno. At someِ point inِ the scene sheِ takes myِ hands andِ puts themِ onِ herِ breasts.

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5. Cameron Diaz on Sex Tape


Of courseِ this meant theِ stars, Cameron Diaz andِ Jason Segel, hadِ to strip downِ to film theِ sex scene. They actuallyِ said itِ was easy forِ them toِ film together. As Cameron says, itِ was a locker room vibe.” Diaz revealed thatِ the hardest day ofِ work forِ her involved fulfilling theِ role ofِ the body double forِ Segel’s headstand.

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4. Ashton Kutcher on No Strings Attached


The romantic comedy followsِ two people inِ a casual sexual relationship, soِ multiple sex scenes tookِ place betweenِ stars Ashton Kutcher andِ Natalie Portman. laughs] I thinkِ heِ said somethingِ to theِ effect of, ‘I apologize ifِ I getِ aroused andِ I apologize ifِ I doِ not getِ aroused,’” heِ joked according toِ Coming Soon. He thenِ continued, “But thereِ isِ sort ofِ alwaysِ this awkward state of, isِ this okay, isِ that okay.

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3. Paul Sparks on House of Cards

Playing Tom Yates oppositeِ Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood in House ofِ Cards, Paul Sparks faced theِ double awkwardness ofِ filming a steamy sex scene — including death byِ poison — whileِ receiving direction fromِ his counterpart. Wright served asِ director ofِ this episode, whichِ means sheِ was inِ charge ofِ Paul’s everyِ move. He didِ not seemِ to mind.

Sparks told Entertainment Weekly:

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2. Kirsten Dunst on The Beguiled


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1. Lizzy Caplan on Masters of Sex


Lizzy Caplan gotِ drunk inِ order toِ prepare forِ her firstِ sex scene in Masters ofِ Sex. “I wasِ soِ nervous andِ then I wasِ soِ drunk thatِ afterِ I shot theِ scene I wasِ goingِ up toِ theِ crew members — I hadِ just met allِ these people theِ day beforeِ — andِ I wasِ goingِ up toِ allِ of themِ beingِ like imitates drunk self], ‘You gotta boner. You do.