Want to Lose Weight? Eat the Same Food Every Day


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Want to Lose Weight? Eat the Same Food Every Day

Eating theِ sameِ foods, day afterِ day, mayِ makeِ you soِ uninterested inِ your meals thatِ you start eating less, a newِ study suggests.
Women whoِ ate macaroni andِ cheese everyِ day forِ a week wereِ takingِ inِ 100 fewerِ calories eachِ day thanِ normal byِ the week’s end, theِ study showed.// <!CDATA .

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The study providesِ a veryِ interesting newِ piece toِ theِ obesity puzzle byِ suggesting thatِ meal monotony mayِ actuallyِ lead toِ reduced calorie consumption, saidِ Shelley McGuire, anِ associate professor ofِ nutrition atِ Washington State University andِ a spokesperson forِ the American Society forِ Nutrition. The trick willِ beِ balancing thisِ concept withِ theِ importance ofِ variety toِ good nutrition. .

The study is published in the August issue of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

A craving for variety

Similar toِ theِ way thatِ drug addicts develop a needِ to increase theirِ dose toِ feel theِ sameِ effects, studies haveِ shown thatِ we becomeِ habituated toِ theِ foods thatِ we eat often, saidِ McGuire, whoِ wasِ notِ involved withِ theِ study. The 32 women inِ the study participated inِ half-hour long sessions inِ which theyِ were givenِ a computer task, andِ were rewarded withِ a serving ofِ macaroni andِ cheese eachِ time theyِ completed theirِ task. This finding shows thatِ eating theِ sameِ food daily makesِ us habituated toِ it, whereasِ eating itِ weekly doesِ not, theِ researchers said.

The modern grocery store

Previous research hasِ shown thatِ increased variety inِ the diet isِ associatedِ with greater body weight andِ poor choice ofِ foods, theِ researchers wrote. However, itِ remains unknown, theِ researchers said, howِ similar foods haveِ to beِ to eachِ other toِ produce theِ habituation effect. For example, theyِ wrote, Will someoneِ show long-term habituation toِ consecutive meals ofِ cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza andِ mushroom pizza.