Wakeful Rest May Boost Memory


Wakeful Rest May Boost Memory

Scientists haveِ just foundِ anِ easy, relaxing wayِ toِ boost memory: Close yourِ peepers forِ a quick rest.

After learning something new, a wakeful shut-eye may seal that information into your brain.

She added thatِ the study suggests activities thatِ we areِ engaged inِ forِ the firstِ fewِ minutes afterِ learning newِ information reallyِ affect howِ well weِ remember thisِ information afterِ a week.
In theِ study’s twoِ experiments, a total ofِ 33 elderly adults ages 61 toِ 87 listened toِ two short stories, withِ instructions toِ remember asِ many details asِ possible fromِ each.
That wasِ followedِ byِ a 10-minute period inِ which theِ participants eitherِ took a wakeful rest orِ played a spot-the-difference computer game.

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