Vaccine Side Effects Occur Rarely, Report Finds


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Vaccine Side Effects Occur Rarely, Report Finds

Reactions toِ vaccines areِ extremely rare, andِ most areِ easily treated, according toِ a newِ review ofِ moreِ than 1,000 vaccine studies.
Vaccines haveِ rarely caused seizures, brain inflammation, andِ fainting, andِ have significantly reduced rates ofِ death andِ disability, saidِ the report fromِ the Institute ofِ Medicine (IOM).
Some parents haveِ beenِ concerned aboutِ vaccinating theirِ children becauseِ of suggestions thatِ the shots mayِ causeِ these problems, theِ researchers said.

Vaccine safety

The Institute ofِ Medicine isِ required byِ Congress toِ periodically review theِ scientific evidence linking vaccines withِ health risks.
This isِ the firstِ report onِ adverse effects fromِ vaccines sinceِ 1994.

The committee reviewed population studies, clinical studies and reports of individual adverse reactions.

The vaccines included wereِ theِ MMR, flu, chickenpox, hepatitis B, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis A, andِ meningococcal vaccines, andِ tetanus-containing vaccines.
The report foundِ convincing evidence thatِ 14 adverse health outcomes canِ beِ caused byِ these vaccines.
These problems include: Evidence ofِ the moreِ serious reactions, suchِ asِ brain inflammation andِ anaphylaxis, wasِ onlyِ foundِ in reports ofِ individual cases, saidِ Dr.

Taking risks

Concerns overِ vaccines haveِ led someِ people toِ choose toِ forego immunization, eitherِ for themselvesِ orِ their children.
When youِ getِ anِ erosion inِ trust inِ vaccines…you start toِ seeِ outbreaks, suchِ asِ the outbreaks ofِ measles andِ whooping cough weِ haveِ seen inِ recent years, saidِ Dr.
Paul Offit, chief ofِ the Division ofِ Infectious Diseases andِ the director ofِ the Vaccine Education Center atِ the Children’s Hospital ofِ Philadelphia, whoِ didِ not contribute toِ theِ report.