Use of Induced Labor Questioned by Dutch Researchers


Credit: Pregnancy photo via Shutterstock

Use of Induced Labor Questioned by Dutch Researchers

When a pregnant woman’s water breaks early, theِ bestِ strategy mayِ beِ to wait forِ her toِ enter labor naturally ratherِ than useِ drugs toِ induce labor, a newِ study fromِ the Netherlands suggests.
guidelines recommending thatِ labor beِ induced, toِ reduce theِ risk ofِ infection toِ theِ fetus onceِ the protective barrier ofِ the membrane holding theِ amniotic fluid isِ gone.
In theِ newِ study, babies born afterِ induced labor to women whoِ wereِ close toِ full-term showed noِ significantly lowerِ rate ofِ infection thanِ babies born toِ women whoِ underwent expectant management, meaning doctors monitored themِ closely untilِ labor began onِ itsِ own.

Those findings are unlikely to change practice in the United States, experts here said.

The study doesn’tِ demonstrate a benefit ofِ doingِ expectant management overِ inducing labor, saidِ Dr.
In theِ study, researchers atِ Maastricht University andِ other institutions looked atِ 536 women whoseِ water hadِ broken beforeِ they reached full term, andِ before theyِ began experiencing anyِ contractions.
All ofِ the women wereِ betweenِ 34 andِ 37 weeks pregnant.