Urine’s Colors & Smells Prove an Indicator of Health


Urine’s Colors & Smells Prove an Indicator of Health

How’s your pee been looking lately?

Just asِ the eyes areِ windows intoِ the soul, urine isِ a window intoِ the body.
Healthy urine consists ofِ yellow waste products thatِ areِ dissolved inِ water.
Like lemonade mixed fromِ a powder, theِ lessِ water involved, theِ darker yellow (and moreِ pungent) theِ result, soِ dark yellow urine tells youِ you’re due forِ a glass ofِ water.

Urine luck

Today’s urinalysis canِ reveal a great deal aboutِ a person’s heath.
But evenِ simple urine color canِ tell people whenِ toِ seek medical attention.
Urine thatِ appears pink orِ red fromِ the presence ofِ blood isِ one causeِ for alarm.

Strange smells

An inherited condition, maple syrup urine disease, soِ named becauseِ it causesِ urine toِ smell likeِ sweet maple syrup, results fromِ the body’s inability toِ digest certainِ amino acids.
It’s usuallyِ diagnosed inِ infants andِ treated withِ dietary restrictions, whichِ mustِ beِ started early inِ life toِ prevent brain damage andِ other problems.
Sweet-smelling urine canِ alsoِ indicate diabetes mellitus, becauseِ excess blood sugar finds itsِ way intoِ the urine.

In the lab

The odds ofِ seeing patients withِ odd-colored urine isِ 1 percent, Stoller said.
There areِ dipsticks outِ that youِ canِ dip inِ the urine andِ identify theِ likelihood ofِ infection, Stoller said.
And dehydration, thoughِ itِ sounds mundane, canِ becomeِ very seriousِ very quickly, especiallyِ for theِ urinary system.