Upgrade Your Look With This One Step


Try belting your jacket. | iStock.com/Rohappy

Upgrade Your Look With This One Step

However, belts can beِ highly overlooked inِ women’s fashion.
This littleِ add-on packs a big punch whenِ itِ comesِ to elevating yourِ style whileِ alsoِ slimming yourِ silhouette intoِ a flattering hourglass.
And don’t thinkِ you alwaysِ have toِ belt oneِ onِ inِ the traditional manner, i.e.

1. With an oversized sweater or cardigan

But theyِ canِ often leave a littleِ to beِ desired whenِ itِ comesِ to flattering yourِ frame.
Don’t drown inِ those nubby knits; instead, throw onِ a belt andِ bring yourِ natural waist outِ ofِ hiding.
The sameِ goesِ forِ thick, textured cardigans thatِ areِ awesome atِ keeping youِ warm andِ less awesome atِ flattering yourِ shape.

Give your dress a little more structure with a belt. | iStock.com/Kuzmichstudio

2. Under a puffer coat

Leave theِ Michelin Man behindِ andِ add someِ beautiful structure toِ thatِ bulky puffer coat byِ adding a belt toِ your look.
Keep theِ coat unzipped andِ put a statement belt aroundِ your pants orِ jeans.
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3. Over a jacket or blazer

If youِ haveِ a statement-making, lighter-weight jacket youِ wantِ toِ show offِ andِ don’t necessarily wantِ toِ remove onceِ you comeِ inside, a belt canِ make that outerwear piece theِ main attraction.
A double-wide belt orِ obi-style belt canِ beِ ideal inِ this case, asِ the coat virtually becomesِ a dress asِ a result.
The sameِ goesِ forِ a blazer; belt yourِ favorite blazer andِ wear itِ over a skirt orِ jeans andِ instantly lookِ likeِ you’re wearing a newِ piece inِ your wardrobe.

4. Paired with prints and patterns

A trend thatِ hasِ becomeِ nothing short ofِ a style mainstay isِ the fashionable mixing ofِ prints.
A geometric top orِ fitted sweater looksِ brilliant againstِ an embroidered orِ lace skirt, andِ the sameِ goesِ forِ pinstripe pants andِ a mini-dot blouse.
That beingِ said, a belt isِ a strategic wayِ toِ visually separate theِ top fromِ the bottom, adding someِ definition andِ structure toِ allِ that pattern play.

5. On top of a suit

The chicest wayِ you canِ change theِ lookِ of a suit, takingِ itِ fromِ business-meeting traditional toِ cocktail-party posh, isِ with a belt.
Simply belt theِ outsideِ ofِ the jacket withِ a skinny black belt, andِ bam, you’ve a wholeِ newِ ensemble that’s extra slimming, too.
And ifِ you’re feeling particularlyِ frisky, wear theِ blazer withoutِ a top underneathِ forِ a dramatic, plunging neckline.

6. Around a long skirt

Long maxi skirts areِ lovely butِ may fall onِ your loathing list simply byِ virtue ofِ their challenging shape.
While theyِ canِ beِ overpowering, wrapping a belt aroundِ the waist ofِ the skirt canِ easily remedy theِ problem.
The accessory emphasizes yourِ waist andِ keeps yourِ figure fromِ getting lost inِ the sea ofِ fabric below.

7. Over a loose dress

We knowِ what you’re thinking — a belt overِ a dress, orِ evenِ a gown.
This particularِ lookِ isِ a case-by-case basis, butِ belting a loose-fitting dress isِ a no-brainer.
Sling itِ downِ a bit lowerِ to give a shapeless dress a cool, drop-waist silhouette.

8. Over a tight dress

A belt isn’t justِ your bestِ friend whenِ itِ comesِ to looser frocks — itِ canِ beِ just asِ important forِ bodycon andِ similarly slinky dresses.
A wide, corset-inspired belt, orِ evenِ a skinny belt, canِ make youِ moreِ comfortable throughِ theِ midsection area ofِ that figure-fitting dress thatِ mayِ feel justِ a bit tooِ snug andِ revealing onِ itsِ own., 7 ] .