Uncovering the Truth: Why Women ‘Fake It’


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Uncovering the Truth: Why Women ‘Fake It’

— Women’s fake screams ofِ ecstasy inِ bed mayِ haveِ less toِ doِ with tryingِ toِ protect theِ sensitive egos ofِ their partners, andِ more toِ doِ with a gal’s ownِ personal insecurities andِ fear ofِ intimacy, newِ research suggests.
Approximately 60 percent ofِ women haveِ faked anِ orgasm duringِ intercourse orِ oral sex, according toِ Erin Cooper ofِ Temple University, whoِ hasِ beenِ studying theseِ women toِ figure outِ why.
This isِ something thatِ we talk aboutِ happening inِ popular culture, inِ the movies andِ magazines, Cooper told LiveScience.

Why fake it?

Cooper surveyed 366 females ages 18 toِ 32 whoِ hadِ indicated theyِ endorse faking orgasms, aboutِ their sexual habits, theirِ reasons forِ faking itِ duringِ a pastِ relationship andِ their feelings aboutِ intimacy.
Many ofِ these women saidِ they faked itِ due toِ theirِ ownِ fear ofِ intimacy; theyِ alsoِ reported faking orgasm becauseِ they felt insecure aboutِ their sexual functioning, orِ becauseِ they wantِ toِ getِ it overِ with.
There wasِ alsoِ a small group ofِ participants whoِ didِ it toِ enhance theirِ ownِ sexual experience.

Intimacy of all kinds

For theِ intimacy-challenged gals, faking itِ couldِ beِ a means ofِ keeping a guy atِ arm’s length, Cooper suggests.
And ifِ they’re embarrassed aboutِ their sexual savvy, pretending toِ haveِ anِ orgasm isِ a simple wayِ toِ save theirِ ownِ egos.
Women whoِ haveِ a hard time gettingِ close toِ otherِ people onِ anِ emotional level itِ seems nowِ areِ alsoِ having a hard time gettingِ close toِ otherِ people onِ a sexual level, Cooper said.