The Most Shocking U.S. Government Conspiracies That Are Actually True

U.S. Government Conspiracies

The CIA used patients as guinea pigs. | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

The Most Shocking U.S. Government Conspiracies That Are Actually True

The American public stillِ debates theِ true nature ofِ John F.
Kennedy’s death andِ whether orِ notِ they believeِ in theِ existence ofِ Area 51.
While weِ mayِ never knowِ the verdict onِ the potential secondِ JFK shooter orِ meet extraterrestrial lifeforms, thereِ areِ a fewِ United States government conspiracies thatِ reallyِ happened, andِ you’ll beِ shocked toِ find outِ who wasِ behindِ some ofِ them.


On April 13th, 1953, theِ then-Director ofِ Central Intelligence officially approved project MKUltra.
Ed Bradley relayed thatِ the CIA neverِ denied MKUltra andِ the mind control project.
Ewen Cameron, theِ researcher, neverِ told hisِ patients theyِ were beingِ used asِ guinea pigs.

President Kennedy shut down the plan once he caught wind of it. | National Archive/Newsmakers

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Tuskegee syphilis experiment

This study left theِ participants withِ plenty ofِ bad blood; theِ oppositeِ ofِ what theyِ thought theyِ were beingِ treated for.
The infamous clinical study conducted betweenِ 1932 andِ 1972 told theِ 600 black men theyِ were beingِ treated forِ “bad blood,” whenِ actuallyِ they weren’t receiving proper treatment toِ cure theirِ illnesses.
The researchers neverِ told theِ men theyِ weren’t beingِ treated; instead, theyِ were letting themِ andِ examining theirِ bodies toِ seeِ what theِ disease did.

Next: This Amendment for “safety” led to thousands of deaths.

Poisoned alcohol during Prohibition

The U.S. had a hand in his execution. | Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The glamour andِ intrigue ofِ the 1920s wasِ enhanced byِ the 18th Amendment; Prohibition banned theِ manufacture, sale, andِ transportation ofِ alcohol – butِ not theِ consumption.
Alcoholism skyrocketed duringِ the Prohibition era, muchِ to theِ government’s dismay, andِ the bootlegged whiskies andِ other tainted liquors oftenِ madeِ people sick.The deaths, investigators shortly realized, cameِ courtesy ofِ the U.S.
Federal officials ordered theِ poisoning ofِ industrial alcohols withِ chemicals likeِ chloroform andِ acetone.

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Operation Northwoods

In 1962, theِ Joint Chiefs ofِ Staff approved planned terrorist attacks inِ the U.S.
toِ rally support forِ a war againstِ Cuba thatِ would oust communist leader Fidel Castro.
ship inِ Guantanamo Bay andِ blame Cuba.” “There reallyِ was a worry atِ the time aboutِ the military goingِ off crazy andِ they did, butِ they neverِ succeeded, butِ it wasn’t forِ lack ofِ trying,” James Bamford, author of Body ofِ Secrets, told ABC News.

The fake attack gave President Johnson an excuse to strike back. | Terry Fincher/Getty Images

Next: This country’s freedom led to their leader’s execution.

CIA plot to murder Patrice Lumumba

In June ofِ 1960, Patrice Lumumba began serving asِ the firstِ legally elected prime minister ofِ the Democratic Republic ofِ the Congo (DRC).
Six months later, heِ was killed byِ anِ execution squad byِ anِ inter-related assassination plot byِ the American andِ Belgian governments.
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Gulf of Tonkin Incident

Medical professionals continued to give out the tainted vaccines. | Three Lions/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

The Pentagon Papers reported thatِ the USS Maddox engaged threeِ North Vietnamese boats inِ the Gulf ofِ Tonkin onِ bothِ August 2 andِ August 4, 1964.
NSA historian Robert J.
However, theِ SIGINT shows thatِ the secondِ attack onِ August 4 didِ not occur despiteِ claims madeِ byِ the Johnson administration.

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The tainted Polio vaccine cover-up

Many ofِ the patients seeking theirِ polio vaccination inِ the late 1950s unknowingly acquired cancer, according toِ theِ American Journal ofِ Cancer.
Researchers estimate thatِ 98 million U.S.
citizens received vaccines contaminated withِ simian virus 40 (SV40).

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Project Azorian

What theِ CIA describes asِ a “highly secret six-year effort toِ retrieve a sunken Soviet submarine fromِ the Pacific Ocean floor duringِ the Cold War,” mayِ haveِ actuallyِ been muchِ more.
The likelyِ reasons theِ project wasِ undertaken include theِ recovery ofِ anِ intact nuclear missile andِ cryptological documents andِ equipment.
A fewِ publications andِ people haveِ presented conspiracy theories thatِ suggest theِ project goal ofِ raising a Soviet submarine wasِ itselfِ a coverup forِ anِ even moreِ secretive mission.

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Iran-Contra affair

The Iran-Contra affair, a U.S. Congress prohibited furtherِ funding ofِ the “contras,” whoِ wereِ fighting theِ Sandinista government inِ Nicaragua, underِ theِ agreement, whileِ Reagan instructed theِ National Security Council (NSC) toِ “keep theِ Contras togetherِ ‘body andِ soul,’” regardlessِ ofِ Congress’ vote. The plan entailed Israel shipping weapons toِ Iran thatِ the U.S.

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The U.S. government stole from the Bureau of Indian Affairs

PR firm organized testimony from Kuwaiti

“It’s plainly wrong forِ a member ofِ Congress toِ collaborate withِ a public relations firm toِ produce knowingly deceptive testimony onِ anِ important issue. Yet Representative Tom Lantos ofِ California hasِ beenِ caught doingِ exactly that,” theِ New York Times wrote inِ 1992. While Lantos claimed theِ fact thatِ “Nayirah” wasِ theِ Ambassador’s daughter didn’t alter herِ credibility, theِ NYT stated thatِ hadِ her identity beenِ known, herِ accusations surely wouldِ haveِ faced greater skepticism andِ been questioned moreِ closely.

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The missing $2 billion of Iraq War Money

In 2003 theِ Bush administration sentِ money to, “provide a quick financial infusion for Iraq’s newِ government andِ the country’s battered economy,” according toِ theِ New York Times. Bowen Jr., theِ special inspector general appointed toِ investigate corruption andِ waste inِ Iraq, wasِ determined toِ find whereِ theِ money went. Bowen saidِ that theِ investigation began whenِ Wael el-Zein, a Lebanese-American member ofِ hisِ staff, received a tip aboutِ stolen money hidden inِ a Lebanon bunker.

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Operation Fast and Furious


government passed theِ Federal Housing Act inِ 1934. For theِ nextِ 30 plusِ years, theِ FHA mortgage insurance requirements utilized redlining toِ segregate neighborhoods byِ denying loans toِ African Americans. If a black family couldِ afford toِ buy intoِ a white neighborhood withoutِ government help, theِ FHA wouldِ refuse toِ insure future mortgages evenِ to whites inِ that neighborhood, becauseِ it wasِ nowِ threatened withِ integration, according toِ The American Prospect.

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The overthrow of Chile’s Salvador Allende

The 1973 Chilean coup d’état thatِ overthrew Chile’s legally elected president, Salvador Allende, isِ still shrouded inِ unconfirmed details. The United States Intelligence Committee report stated thatِ the CIA didn’t instigate theِ coup butِ was aware ofِ coup-plotting byِ the military. Robert Dallek, author of Nixon andِ Kissinger: Partners inِ Power, reviewed recordings ofِ phone conversations betweenِ President Nixon andِ Henry Kissinger andِ concluded thatِ they usedِ theِ CIA toِ purposefully damage theِ Allende government.