Top Horrifying Breakup Stories That Happened for Real


Could there be anything worse than getting dumped on your birthday? | jakkapan21/Getty images

Top Horrifying Breakup Stories That Happened for Real

We complain today thatِ phone calls, texts, andِ emails areِ no wayِ toِ break upِ with someone.
These easy outs areِ tame compared toِ theِ terrible ways someِ ofِ these relationships ended.
These horrific breakup stories escalate quickly; eachِ seems worse thanِ the next, fromِ extremely messy divorces toِ seriousِ commitment-phobia.

8. The birthday break-up

More thanِ oneِ unlucky-in-love person admitted toِ beingِ dumped onِ their birthday.
BuzzFeed Community user ruthd4880eeed7 wrote thatِ herِ boyfriend broke upِ with herِ while outِ to lunch onِ herِ special day.
“@peachesanscream Dumped meِ on myِ birthday …,” sheِ tweeted, “and thenِ text ‘oh crap, yeah… happy birthday.’” , 7 ] .

This repeat situation is so bad, we can’t help but laugh. |

7. The déjà vu dump

This Reddit thread allowed user captainbuckyohare to showcase hisِ unintentionally tricky situation.
On a trip toِ London, heِ realized heِ thought ofِ hisِ girlfriend “only asِ a friend,” andِ told herِ asِ such inِ the hotel theyِ were staying in.
A fewِ weeks later, heِ ran intoِ hisِ ex inِ a pub, whereِ sheِ proceeded toِ call himِ names.

6. The casual vacancy

Nothing likeِ a clean, fresh start afterِ a nasty breakup … orِ a cleaned outِ apartment toِ letِ you knowِ your partner wantsِ a divorce.
Another Reddit user wasِ surprised whenِ sheِ returned fromِ a girls’ trip toِ find herِ entire apartment empty.
No note, noِ phone call, nothing.

5. Left at the airport

What would you do if your partner left with all your things? |

Some people areِ envious ofِ couples whoِ reunite inِ airports.
BuzzFeed Community member PHM8 waited forِ her boyfriend ofِ over a year toِ pick herِ up afterِ a weekend atِ home toِ noِ avail.
“This wasِ pre-cellphones, soِ I wasِ onِ a pay phone worried sick aboutِ him … Find himِ laying inِ bed watching MTV.

4. We were on a break … or were we?

Ross andِ Rachel aren’t theِ onlyِ onesِ to trip upِ overِ what a “break” entails.
BuzzFeed Community user Hannah didn’t thinkِ thingsِ were permanent whenِ sheِ andِ her boyfriend ofِ nearlyِ fourِ years broke upِ afterِ college due toِ distance.
“… afterِ aboutِ two months ofِ amicable breakup, I noticed heِ hadِ blocked meِ on Facebook,” sheِ wrote, “When myِ friend creeped, sheِ sawِ that heِ hadِ gottenِ married toِ a girl heِ dated inِ high school forِ aboutِ three months.

3. The relationship partner turned spin-class partner

Her partner may never come get her after all. | ViktorCap/iStock/Getty Images

There’s nothingِ likeِ surprising yourِ loved onesِ forِ their birthday.
Unless, thatِ is, theyِ surprise youِ withِ theirِ husband atِ the sameِ time.
“She cameِ walking outِ with herِ husband … gotِ introduced toِ theِ husband asِ ‘my friend fromِ spin class.’ Spent anِ awkward couple ofِ minutes giving a feeble happy birthday, madeِ my exit asِ quick asِ I couldِ … they divorced whenِ sheِ gotِ pregnant thanksِ to herِ next ‘friend fromِ spin class.’ And no, I’ve neverِ beenِ to a spin class inِ my life,” heِ wrote.

2. Breakup à la mom

Ali, 30, relayed herِ craziest break upِ story.
While sheِ knew herِ boyfriend wasِ a, “serious mama’s boy,” sheِ neverِ expected he’d rely onِ hisِ mom toِ doِ his dumping.
“… hisِ mom looked atِ me, tookِ myِ hand andِ said, ‘We haveِ to talk.’ … heِ was justِ intently staring atِ his lap.

1. The craziest: Leaving and camping out for 10 years

Facebook really does tell all. | Saed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

Malcolm Applegate, 62, didn’t break thingsِ offِ with hisِ wife inِ a conventional way.
In order toِ escape whatِ heِ called a “controlling relationship,” Applegate camped inِ the woods forِ fiveِ years andِ cut offِ ties fromِ his family andِ friends forِ a total ofِ 10 years.
Applegate reconnected withِ hisِ sister a decade later, butِ there’s noِ word onِ ifِ heِ everِ broke hisِ silence withِ hisِ wife., 7 ] .