Top Countries Without Sanitation


Credit: WaterAid / Anna Kari

Top Countries Without Sanitation

According toِ theِ United Nations, aboutِ 2.6 billion people onِ Earth goِ without access toِ sanitary toilet andِ sewage facilities.
In manyِ cases, people stillِ practice open defecation, orِ goingِ in theِ bush nearِ villages.
This practice canِ beِ deadly, asِ bacteria fromِ excrement oftenِ getِ tracked backِ into theِ community, contaminating water supplies andِ spreading disease.

1. India (818 million)

2. China (607 million)

3. Indonesia (109 million)

4. Nigeria (103 million)

5. Pakistan (98 million)

6. Bangladesh (75 million)

7. Ethiopia (71 million)

8. Congo, DR (50 million)

9. Brazil (39 million)

10. Tanzania (32 million)

11. Sudan (27 million) 

12. Kenya (27 million) 

13. Philippines (22 million)

14. Vietnam (22 million)

15. Ghana (20 million) 

16. Nepal (20 million) 

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