Things Tall Women Should Never Touch

Tall Women

Some shorts are simply too, well, short. |

Things Tall Women Should Never Touch

If youِ getِ asked onِ the daily (a) ifِ you play basketball; (b) ifِ you’re a model; (c) howِ tall youِ are; orِ (d) allِ of theِ above, you’re likelyِ aroundِ the 5-foot-10 mark (or taller) andِ officially part ofِ the tall woman club.
However, whenِ itِ comesِ to tall woman style, youِ doِ have a lot ofِ wiggle room whenِ itِ comesِ to theِ fashion playground.
That height providesِ muchِ bandwidth forِ you toِ getِ awayِ with a number ofِ style-forward trends andِ avant-garde looksِ that areِ much harder forِ the shorter set toِ pull offِ — everythingِ from statement coats toِ harem pants toِ thigh-high boots.

1. Bum-boasting bottoms

Shorts andِ skirts thatِ cover yourِ butt shouldِ beِ a no-brainer, butِ we’d beِ remiss toِ atِ least notِ point outِ the obvious.
It canِ beِ quite difficult toِ find appropriate versions ofِ these pieces whenِ you’re onِ the taller side.
After all, Daisy Dukes andِ cutoffs canِ quickly takeِ onِ all-new, extra-cheeky meaning forِ those ofِ a moreِ statuesque frame.

2. High waters

Save this style for your shorter pals. | Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images

Finding jeans andِ pants thatِ actuallyِ hit belowِ the ankles canِ beِ like finding a needle inِ a haystack whenِ you haveِ legs forِ days.
Many labels areِ now offering denim, leggings, andِ trousers specifically tailored toِ theِ extra-tall set.
One thingِ to note: Some trendsetting denim brands areِ offering intentional “high water” style jeans, soِ this isِ a rule thatِ comesِ with a case-by-case caveat.

3. Short frocks, aka faux shirts

Skip the mini dresses. |

The cute, feminine mini-dresses thatِ the shorter gals effortlessly flaunt areِ alsoِ in theِ no-wear land.
After all, theyِ generally endِ up lookingِ likeِ a short tunic or, evenِ worse, a shrunken babydoll dress, orِ quite possibly evenِ worse, anِ ice skating costume.
A general rule ofِ thumb isِ this: If youِ cannotِ raise yourِ arms orِ bend overِ without flashing theِ world (or ifِ you lookِ likeِ you’re wearing yourِ younger sister’s clothes), youِ simply cannotِ put itِ on forِ public consumption.

4. Vertical stripes

Vertical stripes are not your friend. |

Vertical stripes haveِ anِ elongating effect; they’re a go-to wardrobe trick toِ add height toِ a shorter frame.
So, it’s notِ so muchِ that youِ cannotِ wear themِ ifِ you’re tall, it’s moreِ that youِ reallyِ don’t needِ to.
If youِ doِ opt toِ goِ vertical, stripes thatِ areِ wide andِ wider set canِ beِ a good option toِ properly work theِ trend forِ your height.

5. Short sleeves

Make sure your sleeves fit. |

No, don’t worry … we’re notِ telling youِ notِ to wear short sleeves asِ in a short-sleeved top orِ dress.
Finding blazers andِ jackets, evenِ sweaters, thatِ reach pastِ the wrist canِ beِ just asِ hard asِ avoiding thoseِ aforementioned high waters.
But itِ isِ advisable toِ skip anyِ separates thatِ lookِ likeِ they shrunk inِ the dryer — although, inِ a pinch, youِ canِ make theِ bestِ of theِ situation byِ rolling upِ your sleeves evenِ more toِ a three-quarter length toِ hide theِ otherwiseِ awkward fit., 7 ] .