These Are the Most Beautiful University Libraries in United States

University Libraries

Baker and Rauner Libraries on the Dartmouth College Green |

These Are the Most Beautiful University Libraries in United States

Today’s college students don’t alwaysِ study inِ the library.
(After all, thanksِ to theِ internet, youِ canِ research anyِ paper orِ project fromِ a laptop inِ a messy dorm room!) But university libraries stillِ reign asِ some ofِ the mostِ important andِ beautiful buildings onِ campus.
Even ifِ everyِ book andِ manuscript getsِ digitized, it’s stillِ inspiring toِ step intoِ a gorgeous university library.

1. Baker-Berry Library at Dartmouth College

Imposing butِ straightforward fromِ the outside, theِ Baker-Berry Library atِ Dartmouth College hasِ a lot moreِ grandeur inside.
Travel + Leisure reports thatِ within thoseِ brick walls, youِ canِ admire a fresco byِ José Clemente Orozco.
(Just head toِ theِ basement reading room inِ the original Baker section ofِ the library toِ see Epic ofِ American Civilization, a designated national historic landmark.) Or, stop inِ to theِ grand reading room andِ lounge inِ one ofِ the wood andِ plush chairs thatِ overlook theِ college green.

Bapst Library |

2. Bapst Library at Boston College

The Bapst Library easily numbers among theِ mostِ stunning university libraries thanksِ to itsِ quintessentially Gothic architecture.
The structure served asِ the college’s main library fromِ 1925 untilِ 1984.
Since 1984, itِ hasِ served asِ the art library withِ materials onِ art, architecture, museum studies, photography, art history, andِ film.

3. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University

Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book andِ Manuscript Library mayِ not number among theِ oldest university libraries inِ the nation.
However, itِ certainlyِ houses oneِ ofِ the mostِ impressive collections ofِ rare andِ historic books andِ manuscripts.
The structure, completed inِ 1963 byِ American architect Gordon Bunshaft, features a marble-lined interior.

4. Bizzell Memorial Library at the University of Oklahoma

Beinecke Library |

Architectural Digest nominates theِ Bizzell Memorial Library atِ the University ofِ Oklahoma asِ one ofِ the mostِ stunning university libraries inِ the United States.
The beautiful brick structure wasِ designed byِ the firm Layton Hicks & Forsyth, andِ was designated a National Historic Landmark inِ 2001.
The collegiate Gothic-style building includes a beautiful Great Reading Room, equally inspiring forِ students studying forِ exams andِ visitors admiring theِ gorgeous architecture.

5. Clark Library at the University of California, Los Angeles

The William Andrews Clark Memorial Library atِ UCLA isِ located across town fromِ the rest ofِ the campus onِ anِ historic property inِ the West Adams neighborhood ofِ Los Angeles.
But, withoutِ a doubt, it’s oneِ ofِ the mostِ beautiful buildings atِ the university.
Travel + Leisure notes thatِ William Andrews Clark, Jr.

6. Cook Legal Research Library at the University of Michigan Law School

Bizzell Memorial Library |

Cook Legal Research Library atِ the University ofِ Michigan Law School showcases a beautiful English-Gothic style — perfect whetherِ you needِ a place toِ hit theِ books orِ justِ want toِ admire someِ stunning architecture.
The library isِ named forِ anِ attorney andِ legal scholar whoِ left hisِ entire estate toِ theِ Law School.
The library opened afterِ Cook’s death inِ 1930.

7. Fisher Fine Arts Library at the University of Pennsylvania

The Anne & Jerome Fisher Fine Arts Library atِ the University ofِ Pennsylvania isِ quite a stunner.
Also referred toِ asِ the Furness Library (in honor ofِ itsِ architect, Frank Furness), thisِ university library features anِ intricate red exterior madeِ of sandstone andِ brick — quiteِ a departure fromِ what was typical ofِ university architecture atِ the time.
The gorgeous building features towers, chimneys, skylighted rooms, andِ clerestory halls.

8. Fleet Library at the Rhode Island School of Design

Clark Memorial Library |

As Travel + Leisure notes, thisِ design school didn’t actuallyِ design itsِ own library.
Instead, the Fleet Library atِ the Rhode Island School ofِ Design (RISD) isِ housed inِ the formerِ Rhode Island Hospital Trust bank building.
On theِ secondِ floor, you’ll find a reading room forِ Archives andِ Special Collections, asِ well asِ the home ofِ the Materials andِ Picture Collections.

9. George Peabody Library at Johns Hopkins University

Most people wouldn’t thinkِ thatِ Baltimore hasِ a building withِ oneِ ofِ the mostِ beautiful interiors inِ the world, Travel + Leisure reports.
This Neo-Greco masterpiece features a skylight, black andِ white marble, cast iron railings, andِ 300,000 volumes.
The stack room hasِ fiveِ tiers ofِ ornamental cast-iron balconies, whichِ rise oneِ afterِ another toِ theِ skylight 61 feet aboveِ the floor.

10. Harper Memorial Library at the University of Chicago

The University ofِ Chicago’s William Rainey Harper Memorial Library takes itsِ architectural cues fromِ Cambridge andِ Oxford.
It features twoِ distinct towers thatِ lookِ similar but areِ actuallyِ unique.
The west tower resembles oneِ atِ King’s College atِ Cambridge.

11. Klarchek Information Commons at Loyola University Chicago

If youِ prefer modern architecture toِ Gothic, you’ll wantِ toِ stop byِ the Richard J.
Travel + Leisure reports thatِ mostِ people appreciate itِ not justِ forِ its architecture, butِ alsoِ for theِ extraordinary views youِ canِ enjoy inside, thanksِ to theِ building’s glass facade.
TheLeadership inِ Energy andِ Environmental Design (LEED) Silver-certified building hasِ many environmental features toِ reduce energy use, including a facade thatِ manages theِ heat flow andِ ventilation throughoutِ theِ year.

12. Linderman Library at Lehigh University

The Linderman Library atِ Lehigh University hasِ beautiful wood floors, impressive half-rings ofِ cast iron stacks, plusِ a stained glass skylight. Travel + Leisure counts theِ library asِ “one ofِ the finest among smaller universities” andِ one ofِ the mostِ beautiful university libraries inِ the U.S. But throughِ allِ the years thatِ haveِ elapsed, itsِ Victorian rotunda andِ Grand Reading Room haveِ still retained allِ their historic magnificence.

13. Mansueto Library at the University of Chicago

The University ofِ Chicago makesِ anotherِ great destination forِ visitors whoِ wantِ toِ seeِ modern university libraries. Interestingly, architect Helmut Jahn incorporated solar-controlled glass overhead inِ the design ofِ the building. The library usesِ robotic cranes toِ retrieve materials inِ record time.

14. Millikan Library at the California Institute of Technology

A muchِ moreِ modern addition toِ theِ ranks ofِ the mostِ beautiful university libraries, theِ Millikan Library atِ the California Institute ofِ Technology willِ stun anyِ fan ofِ contemporary architecture. Architectural Digest reports thatِ the building bears theِ nameِ of Robert Andrews Millikan, a formerِ professor atِ the school whoِ won theِ Nobel Prize forِ Physics inِ 1923. It measures upِ asِ the tallest building onِ the university’s campus.

15. Riggs Library at Georgetown University

According toِ Travel + Leisure, theِ Riggs Library atِ Georgetown University isِ one ofِ only a fewِ university libraries madeِ largely ofِ cast iron. Francis Riggs asِ a memorial toِ bothِ his late father andِ to hisِ brother, whoِ hadِ attended Georgetown. Architect Paul Pelz, whoseِ firm alsoِ designed theِ Library ofِ Congress supervised theِ building’s construction, soِ it’s noِ surprise the Riggs Library becameِ one ofِ the mostِ beautiful university libraries inِ the U.S.

16. Suzzallo Library at the University of Washington

Travel + Leisure characterizes theِ entire University ofِ Washington campus asِ underrated. But theِ Suzzallo Library isِ particularly beautiful. The collegiate Gothic style library wasِ a top priority forِ university president Henry Suzzallo, whoِ wanted a library thatِ would serve asِ the “soul ofِ the university.” Though Suzzallo becameِ embroiled inِ political rivalries andِ controversies thatِ resulted inِ hisِ dismissal fromِ the university, theِ library — stillِ oneِ ofِ the mostِ beautiful university libraries inِ America — wasِ named forِ him followingِ his death inِ 1933.

17. Uris Library at Cornell University

Cornell University’s Uris Library, oneِ ofِ the mostِ beautiful university libraries inِ the United States, hasِ a unique origin story. In fact, itِ was designed byِ the university’s veryِ firstِ architecture student, William Henry Miller. Andrew Dickson White, Cornell’s co-founder andِ first president, collaborated withِ Miller toِ design andِ ornament theِ space thatِ would house hisِ own personal library, whichِ heِ donated toِ theِ university.