These 15 States have The Worst Drivers in The World

Worst Drivers

There are plenty of open roads in Nebraska, but you’ll be in trouble if you get into someone’s way. |

These 15 States have The Worst Drivers in The World

Road rage isِ one ofِ the scariest thingsِ aboutِ driving.
Every time youِ getِ in theِ car, you’re atِ risk ofِ making theِ wrong person angry.
There haveِ beenِ numerous studies onِ road rage, butِ a report byِ Drive Human, a research group run byِ Kars4Kids, hasِ broken upِ road rage incidents andِ bad driving habits byِ state.

15. Nebraska: C-

With itsِ wide open spaces, theِ Cornhusker State hasِ plenty ofِ room forِ everybody.
Somehow, itsِ drivers haven’t gottenِ that memo.
They alsoِ aren’t likelyِ to letِ cars merge inِ front ofِ them, God helpِ you ifِ you’re tailgating someone, andِ they’re liable toِ careen across multiple lanes ofِ traffic toِ makeِ sure theyِ getِ off atِ the nextِ exit.

14. North Dakota: C-

They aren’t going to steal your parking space in Fargo, but be careful merging onto highways in North Dakota. | Harding

Maybe it’s theِ wide open spaces inِ North Dakota andِ people whoِ wantِ toِ getِ to whereِ they’re goingِ atِ their ownِ pace.
But ifِ you’re passing throughِ theِ Roughrider State anytime soon, beِ warned: You probablyِ aren’t goingِ to haveِ anِ easy time merging ontoِ the highway.

13. Rhode Island: D+

Providence is beautiful. But Rhode Island is full of impatient people with places to go. |

Rhode Island isِ the smallest, yetِ secondِ mostِ densely populated state inِ the union.
That means there’s a lot ofِ traffic goingِ through theِ Ocean State — andِ not a lot ofِ margin forِ error.
Busy drivers hereِ don’t haveِ time forِ turn signals, long lines atِ exits, andِ aren’t aboveِ using a turn onlyِ lane toِ cut aroundِ traffic.

12. Kansas: D+

Don’t tailgate in Kansas. Also, don’t drive slow enough to be tailgated in Kansas. | Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Kansas hasِ miles ofِ long, flat highways andِ high speed limits, andِ as a result, itsِ residents areِ happy toِ share theِ road withِ anyone.
But don’t impede theِ flow ofِ traffic, orِ you’re likelyِ to beِ tailgated mercilessly.
Drivers haveِ very littleِ tolerance forِ it here.

11. Mississippi: D+

Welcome to Mississippi, keep your wits about you. |

Mississippi’s state motto isِ “Virtute et Armis” orِ Valor atِ Arms, butِ it mightِ asِ well beِ “Get outِ ofِ myِ way!” Drivers inِ the Magnolia State don’t likeِ people passing them, merging inِ front ofِ them, orِ really anybodyِ doing anythingِ to getِ in front ofِ them.
They won’t steal yourِ parking spot though, soِ there’s that.

10. Iowa: D

If youِ signal correctly andِ need toِ pass inِ the Hawkeye State, chances areِ you’ll beِ able toِ getِ by.
But ifِ you’re driving atِ or belowِ the speed limit inِ the fast lane, allِ bets areِ off.
Unfortunately, a large number ofِ Iowans tailgate, andِ they don’t likeِ to useِ theirِ turn signals either.

9. Pennsylvania: D

The Keystone State isِ a tolerant one.
If you’re a slower driver, youِ aren’t likelyِ to getِ tailgated.
And you’re likelyِ to getِ a head’s upِ becauseِ most people hereِ use turn signals.

8. Oklahoma: D

There’s a pioneering spirit inِ the Sooner State.
They don’t likeِ turn signals hereِ or letting cars merge inِ front ofِ them.
And ifِ drivers needِ to block traffic toِ getِ where they’re goingِ sooner, well, thoseِ areِ the breaks.

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7. Georgia: D

With theِ University ofِ Georgia football, tailgating onِ Saturday afternoons isِ a wayِ ofِ life inِ the Peach State. Unfortunately, manyِ drivers areِ known toِ tailgate everyِ other day ofِ the week here, too. They aren’t big fans ofِ turn signals either.

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6. Maine: D-

For a state withِ a lot ofِ scenic highways andِ not a lot ofِ big cities, residents ofِ Maine sureِ areِ in a hurry. The people ofِ the Pine Tree State areِ most likelyِ to speed upِ atِ yellow lights (even ifِ it’ll block traffic), yetِ theyِ areِ slow toِ react whenِ people tryِ toِ pass.

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5. Wisconsin: D-

America’s Dairy State hasِ plenty ofِ wide open spaces, butِ according toِ theِ survey, youِ wouldn’t knowِ itِ ifِ you wereِ there. Wisconsin drivers willِ cut inِ front ofِ people forِ anِ available parking space (hey, itِ getsِ cold), theyِ aren’t likelyِ to letِ people merge inِ front ofِ them, andِ if you’re a slow driver there’s a good chance thatِ you’ll beِ tailgated.

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4. Louisiana: D-

If you’re tailgating inِ the Bayou State, youِ mightِ beِ askingِ for trouble. Drivers inِ Louisiana areِ more likelyِ to admit they’ll slow downِ disproportionately whenِ theyِ haveِ someone riding theirِ bumper, evenِ if itِ will impede traffic. They’re alsoِ more willingِ thanِ mostِ to doِ whatever itِ takes toِ getِ off atِ the rightِ exit, evenِ if itِ means crossing threeِ lanes andِ driving onِ the shoulder toِ getِ to theِ front ofِ a line.

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3. Arkansas: F

Of allِ the states withِ bad driving habits, Arkansas stands outِ forِ one reason: You’re moreِ likelyِ to getِ cut inِ line atِ anِ exit hereِ than anywhereِ else. If thatِ isn’t bad enough, drivers inِ the Natural State don’t likeِ to useِ turn signals, andِ the people alreadyِ stuck inِ traffic aren’t fans ofِ letting thoseِ cars merge inِ front ofِ them.

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2. South Carolina: F

Driving inِ the Palmetto State isِ a bit betterِ than driving inِ the worst state inِ the union butِ not byِ much. The survey foundِ drivers inِ South Carolina areِ fond ofِ using theِ turn-only lane toِ pass, toِ theِ point whereِ blocked intersections areِ a problem. If there’s anyِ redeeming feature toِ driving downِ here, it’s thatِ drivers areِ likely toِ letِ you merge intoِ traffic.

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1. New York: F

New York isِ a vast, beautiful state withِ rolling hills, scenic byways, andِ plenty ofِ charming towns. Then, youِ getِ to New York City, andِ allِ bets areِ off. But consideringِ that theِ state leads theِ nation inِ tailgating, cutting people off, notِ letting people merge, andِ using theِ turn onlyِ lane toِ pass, there’s a good chance theِ city isِ atِ least partially toِ blame.