The Richest Fox News Anchor Net Worth Will Shock You

Richest Fox News Anchor

Greg Gutfeld on The Five | Fox News

The Richest Fox News Anchor Net Worth Will Shock You

Fox News anchors areِ a lot ofِ things, butِ we can’t claim thatِ they aren’t exceptionally popular.
For overِ 20 years, anchors haveِ beenِ offering 24-hour news coverage toِ Fox viewers thatِ cover everythingِ from global toِ local news.
These days theِ Fox News anchors haveِ becomeِ celebrities inِ their ownِ right.

15. Greg Gutfeld, $2 million

Greg Gutfeld isِ the host ofِ the Fox News program, The Greg Gutfeld Show.
Before beginning atِ Fox inِ 2007, Gutfeld worked asِ a writer forِ American Spectator, Prevention, andِ Men’s Health.
He thenِ went onِ to helm Stuff Magazine andِ Maxim, butِ was letِ goِ afterِ some poorly doneِ publicity stunts andِ a lawsuit overِ some ofِ hisِ articles.

Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom | Fox News

In addition to his Fox News show, he runs a site called The Daily Gut.

14. Bill Hemmer, $3 million

Bill Hemmer co-anchors theِ Fox show America’s Newsroom andِ has beenِ a part ofِ the Fox team sinceِ 2005.
Garnering a paycheck ofِ $400,000 forِ his work, Hemmer cameِ over toِ Fox fromِ CNN.
The 52-year-old seemsِ to haveِ foundِ a long-term home withِ Fox.

13. Brit Hume, $4 million

Brit Hume hasِ beenِ in theِ news business forِ a veryِ long time.
Before heading toِ Fox News, Hume wasِ a staple atِ ABC.
After beginning atِ Fox, Hume wasِ oftenِ seen on The O’Reilly Factor andِ Fox & Friends.

Brit Hume on On The Record | Fox News

Worth $4 million, the Emmy award-winning journalist has always been about speaking his mind.

12. Dana Perino, $4 million

Dana Perino isِ a Fox political commentator.
She wasِ alsoِ the press secretary forِ President George W.
Now, Perino co-hosts The Five onِ Fox, andِ she isِ alsoِ the editorial director forِ Crown Forum, theِ conservative publishing arm ofِ Crown Publishing Group.

She was actually the first female press secretary to a U.S. president.

Dana Perino on The Five | Fox News

11. Kimberly Guilfoyle, $5 million

Kimberly Guilfoyle co-hosts ofِ The Five andِ Outnumbered forِ Fox News.
The formerِ First Lady ofِ San Francisco wasِ alsoِ an assistant district attorney inِ the California city beforeِ joining Fox.
Recently, Guilfoyle hasِ beenِ caught upِ inِ rumors thatِ she’s beenِ having anِ affair with Anthony Scaramucci — theِ formerِ White House communications director.

10. Judge Jeanine Pirro, $5 million

Jeanine Pirro isِ a judge andِ American television personality.
In 1993, sheِ becameِ Westchester County’s firstِ female district attorney.
Before finding a home withِ Fox News, Pirro hosted Judge Jeanine Pirro onِ The CW whereِ sheِ won anِ Emmy.

Kimberly Guilfoyle on Outnumbered | Fox News

9. Chris Wallace, $6 million

Chris Wallace hasِ beenِ in theِ news game forِ 50 years, andِ he’s beenِ with Fox sinceِ 2009.
Wallace hosts Fox News Sunday, andِ he alsoِ moderated theِ firstِ GOP presidential debate inِ 2016.
With a slew ofِ awards underِ hisِ belt including Emmys andِ a Peabody, Wallace earns a $1 million paycheck eachِ year fromِ Fox.

8. Tucker Carlson, $8 million

Tucker Carlson isِ fairlyِ new onِ the Fox News scene.
He hosted Fox & Friends Weekend beforeِ getting hisِ own show inِ 2016, Tucker Carlson Tonight.
Fox isn’t hisِ firstِ time delivering theِ news: Carlson hasِ alsoِ had jobs atِ PBS andِ NBC.

7. Martha MacCallum, $8 million

A co-anchor on America’s Newsroom sinceِ 2004, Martha MacCallum hadِ previously doneِ the news forِ NBC.
She garners a paycheck ofِ $700,000 annually forِ her work atِ Fox.
MacCallum recentlyِ signed a long-term deal withِ theِ network, soِ itِ appears thatِ sheِ will beِ a staple thereِ forِ years toِ come.

6. Megyn Kelly, $15 million

Before Megyn Kelly left Fox News forِ NBC, sheِ was a major staple onِ the Fox News network withِ herِ show, The Kelly File.
Garnering a major contract withِ NBC, Kelly nowِ hosts a daily daytime show andِ a Sunday program.
At Fox, sheِ was making $6 million a year, butِ she sought a leastِ $20 million withِ herِ new contract atِ NBC.

5. Bret Baier, $16 million

A longtime member ofِ the Fox News team, Bret Baier hasِ beenِ with theِ network sinceِ 1998. The chief political anchor andِ host ofِ Special Report withِ Bret Baier hasِ the top-rated cable news show inِ hisِ time slot, andِ his paycheck proves it. He earns a salary ofِ $7 million annually, whichِ keepsِ hisِ net worth nice andِ full.

4. Eric Bolling, $25 million

The formerِ Pittsburgh Pirates player wasِ a host andِ contributor forِ Fox News untilِ very recentlyِ when news thatِ Bolling hadِ allegedly sexually harassed someِ ofِ hisِ colleagues broke. His late-afternoon show Fox News Specialists wasِ canceled, andِ he wasِ ousted fromِ the network shortly thereafter. Sadly, Bolling’s 19-year-old son, Eric Jr., was recentlyِ found dead inِ hisِ bed atِ his apartment nearِ the university whereِ heِ attended school.

3. Shepard Smith, $25 million

Racking inِ a salary ofِ $10 million a year fromِ Fox News, Shepard Smith knowsِ howِ to keepِ hisِ net worth robust. Fox’s chief news anchor andِ managing editor ofِ breaking news hasِ beenِ with Fox News sinceِ the beginning (and obviouslyِ the network values him). An openly gay man, Smith hasِ doneِ his bestِ to keepِ the network accountable forِ false statements andِ missteps inِ the wake ofِ the 2016 presidential election, theِ Trump administration, andِ the numerous sexual assault allegations againstِ various anchors.

2. Sean Hannity, $80 million

Sean Hannity hasِ hosted theِ extremely popular show Hannity sinceِ 2009, andِ he’s certainlyِ benefited financially asِ a result. He’s beenِ with Fox News sinceِ 1996 andِ started offِ with theِ series, Hannity & Colmes. The 55-year-old isِ alsoِ a best-selling author andِ has a syndicated radio show, The Sean Hannity Show, whichِ garners 13.5 million listeners perِ episode.

1. Bill O’Reilly, $85 million

Though heِ was fired fromِ Fox News becauseِ of allegations ofِ sexual harassment, Bill O’Reilly wasِ previously theِ extremely controversial host of The O’Reilly Factor sinceِ 1996. Before heِ was booted out, theِ formerِ Inside Edition host wasِ pulling inِ a whopping $20 million a year. Still, theِ news wasn’t theِ onlyِ way theِ 68-year-old wasِ making hisِ money.