The Protein Machine That Copies Genes | Research in Action


Credit: Huilin Li, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Bruce Stillman, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

The Protein Machine That Copies Genes | Research in Action

Before anyِ cell canِ divide, itِ must copy itsِ genetic material, whichِ isِ packaged inِ a molecule called DNA, toِ makeِ a secondِ complete set ofِ genes toِ pass onِ to itsِ daughter cells.
A thoroughِ understanding ofِ replication canِ inform theِ development ofِ therapies forِ correcting related mistakes, soِ researchers areِ studying everyِ step ofِ the process.
To find theseِ areas ofِ the genome, cells useِ a protein machine called theِ origin recognition complex, orِ ORC.

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