The Key to Sexy Skin in Guys Revealed


The Key to Sexy Skin in Guys Revealed

Women, makeِ some room atِ the makeup counter: A newِ study finds that, likeِ women, men areِ judged asِ youthful andِ attractive based onِ skin tone.
The research, supported byِ Procter & Gamble, finds thatِ evenly pigmented skin isِ seen asِ more youthful, whileِ a smooth rosy hue fromِ hemoglobin, theِ component thatِ makesِ blood red, isِ taken asِ evidence ofِ health andِ attractiveness.
Age, health andِ attractiveness areِ key characteristics inِ human social perception, andِ they play a major role inِ the evaluation ofِ anِ individual’s ‘quality’ asِ potential partner (at leastِ atِ first sight), study researcher Bernhard Fink ofِ the University ofِ Göttingen, inِ Germany, wrote inِ anِ email toِ LiveScience.

health and attractiveness.

But male beauty hasِ beenِ far lessِ studied thanِ female beauty, Fink said, especiallyِ in terms ofِ skin tone.
The jury isِ out, however, onِ whether men shouldِ saunter upِ toِ theِ cosmetics counter, asِ using makeup inِ anِ attempt toِ woo theِ ladies couldِ backfire.

The skin you’re in

To find outِ ifِ male skin isِ judged byِ the sameِ standards asِ female skin, Fink andِ his colleagues collected photographs ofِ the faces ofِ 160 freshly shaven British Caucasian men, ages 10 toِ 70.
To tease outِ what skin pigments mattered inِ people’s judgments, theِ researchers analyzed theِ colors ofِ eachِ cheek sample withِ a method called chromophore mapping.
This method allows scientists toِ determine howِ much melanin, a dark pigment, andِ hemoglobin, whichِ givesِ a reddish tint, contributed toِ theِ skin color seen.

Skincare for men

Although theِ study wasِ onlyِ onِ Caucasians, Fink saidِ he’dِ expect toِ seeِ the skin ofِ other races judged onِ itsِ color contrast asِ well.
But, heِ added, uneven pigments aren’t asِ visible onِ darker skin, soِ people’s judgments mightِ not beِ asِ strong asِ they areِ for paler skin.
The team isِ now interested inِ finding outِ howِ women judge men’s skin attractiveness whenِ theِ guy hasِ a beard orِ a bit ofِ stubble.

Fink is skeptical.

Taking care ofِ one’s skin isِ certainlyِ beneficial toِ men, heِ said.
But otherِ studies ofِ male attractiveness haveِ foundِ that women prefer men masculine, heِ said, andِ makeup mightِ send theِ oppositeِ message.
Nonetheless, theِ researchers saidِ men couldِ try toِ preserve theirِ looksِ with daily sunscreen andِ tender care.