The Happiest US States Revealed in New Poll


The Happiest US States Revealed in New Poll

For theِ third year inِ a row, theِ Aloha State getsِ kudos asِ the happiest U.S.
state, withِ Hawaii residents scoring highest inِ the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.
Following a trend thatِ hasِ beenِ consistent overِ the pastِ fourِ years, Western andِ Midwestern states fared wellِ onِ the happiness index, accounting forِ nine ofِ the slots onِ the top 10 happiest states’ list, withِ Southern states sliding intoِ halfِ of theِ bottom 10 states.

The bottom 11 states:

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Hawaiians wereِ theِ mostِ likelyِ to sayِ they smiled orِ laughed a lot yesterday, andِ the leastِ likely residents toِ report daily worry orِ stress, orِ depression.
The state alsoِ snagged theِ distinction ofِ the nation’s healthiest behaviors due toِ theirِ good eating andِ exercise habits andِ lower smoking rates, according toِ Gallup.
Across theِ country, however, well-being remained relativelyِ unchanged sinceِ 2008, possibly reflecting theِ sluggish economy, according toِ Gallup.