The Eyes Have It: Pupil Dilation Indicates Sexuality


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The Eyes Have It: Pupil Dilation Indicates Sexuality

The wayِ people’s pupils react whenِ theyِ seeِ otherِ people isِ anِ effective wayِ toِ assess sexual orientation, according toِ a newِ study.
The reactions ofِ study participants’ pupils revealed thatِ heterosexual men responded mostِ to images ofِ women andِ homosexual men responded mostِ to images ofِ men.
Additionally, researchers foundِ that homosexual women responded mostِ to images ofِ women, andِ heterosexual women expressed arousal inِ response toِ bothِ men andِ women, thoughِ theyِ were moreِ likelyِ to choose toِ watch men.

The findings are detailed today (Aug. 3) in the journal PLoS ONE.

Reasons for women’s arousal

Researchers asked aboutِ 300 study participants toِ watch 30-second videos ofِ people ofِ bothِ sexes masturbating, andِ tracked theِ dilation ofِ participants’ pupils inِ response.
The participants alsoِ watched simultaneous videos ofِ males andِ females, andِ the researchers tracked whereِ theyِ spent moreِ time looking.
The finding thatِ heterosexual women areِ aroused byِ bothِ genders isِ inِ line withِ otherِ studies.

Bisexual men

The pupils ofِ men inِ the study whoِ identified themselvesِ asِ bisexual responded similarly toِ videos ofِ males andِ females, confirming thatِ bisexuality trulyِ exists inِ nature, Savin-Williams said.
This fact hasِ beenِ disputed becauseِ of pastِ research suggesting thatِ men whoِ sayِ they areِ bisexual actuallyِ respond onlyِ to men, inِ measurements ofِ genital responses, heِ said.
Studies onِ genital responses fromِ Northwestern University researchers haveِ alsoِ confirmed theِ possibility ofِ male bisexuality, Rieger said.