The Best 11 Virtual Reality Apps on Sale Right Now

Virtual Reality Apps

Thinking of trying out a virtual reality system for the first time? Check out our favorite virtual reality apps. | Ammentorp Lund

The Best 11 Virtual Reality Apps on Sale Right Now

Virtual reality isِ no longer someِ futuristic concept (or oneِ that causesِ out-of-control side effects).
You canِ experience virtual reality withِ nothingِ moreِ than yourِ smartphone andِ anِ inexpensive VR headset.
But evenِ more exciting thanِ the hardware isِ the growing array ofِ virtual reality apps.

1. A Chair in a Room

Do youِ love horror movies andِ games.
Then, A Chair inِ a Room willِ top yourِ list ofِ must-have virtual reality apps.
You’ll unlock theِ story ofِ what led toِ you beingِ institutionalized throughِ “exploration andِ tense psychological horror thatِ isِ new andِ unique toِ VR — itِ takes guts toِ answer theِ ringing phone, peer throughِ theِ window, orِ goِ downِ to theِ basement.” Set inِ America’s Deep South, A Chair inِ a Room isِ differentِ from manyِ other virtual reality apps inِ that youِ getِ to beِ the protagonist inِ what feels likeِ a horror film.

2. Claro

Want a peaceful puzzle game asِ your firstِ experience withِ virtual reality apps.
With thisِ game forِ Android, you’ll play throughِ “zen-like miniature worlds,” whereِ you haveِ to figure outِ howِ to manipulate theِ sun toِ grow a tree.
The game isِ especiallyِ designed forِ Google Daydream andِ features controls thatِ enable youِ toِ manipulate objects andِ light.

3. EVE: Valkyrie

Need somethingِ moreِ action-packed thanِ a puzzle game.
Then, EVE: Valkyrie mightِ becomeِ one ofِ your favorite virtual reality games.
You play “an elite space fighter pilot whoِ hasِ recently becomeِ immortal, thanksِ to theِ efforts ofِ Rán Kavik, leader ofِ the breakaway pirate group knownِ asِ the Valkyrie.

4. Land’s End

Did youِ enjoy playing Monument Valley.
Then, you’re goingِ to love Land’s End, whichِ comesِ from theِ sameِ studio, ustwo games.
In thisِ gorgeous virtual reality adventure, you’ll “explore spectacular landscapes toِ awaken a lost civilization.” The game isِ built exclusively forِ Samsung Gear VR, a headset thatِ works withِ theِ company’s Galaxy smartphones.

5. Moatboat

You’ll useِ your voice andِ hands toِ bring yourِ ideas toِ life.
The game developer’s website explains, “Use simple sentences toِ add objects andِ give themِ behaviors.
Say ‘I needِ some sheep’ to add sheep intoِ your world.

6. Obduction

Want toِ travel across theِ universe withِ your virtual reality app.
Then, tryِ outِ Obduction.
Game studio Cyan explains ofِ this gorgeous game, “As youِ walk besideِ the lake onِ a cloudy night, a curious, organic artifact falls fromِ the starry sky andِ inexplicably, withoutِ askingِ permission, transports youِ across theِ universe.

7. PolyRunner VR

Want a spaceship-racing game youِ canِ play withِ a VR headset onِ your Android phone.
PolyRunner shouldِ top yourِ list ofِ must-download virtual reality apps.
You’ll “enter a world full ofِ immersive alien landscapes throughِ which youِ mustِ navigate atِ high speeds, usingِ lightning-fast reflexes toِ score points andِ earn yourِ rep asِ the ultimate starfighter pilot.” The game features immersive landscapes thatِ change asِ you progress inِ the game.

8. Sisters: Faye & Elsa

Another ofِ the bestِ virtual reality apps forِ horror lovers isِ Sisters: Faye & Elsa.
The game, whichِ you canِ download fromِ the Google Play Store, isِ set in Willahauk, Massachusetts, inِ 1993.
The game isِ divided intoِ Part I andِ Part II and isِ compatible withِ Google Daydream.

9. VR Karts

Consider yourselfِ a Mario Kart fan.
(Who doesn’t?) Then, you’re goingِ to love VR Karts.
You canِ play theِ game onِ Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus, orِ Vive.

The game is fun and approachable for beginners and VR experts alike.

10. Within

If youِ wantِ theِ mostِ bang forِ your proverbial buck whenِ downloading virtual reality apps, youِ can’t goِ wrong withِ Within.
You canِ enjoy story-based content across a variety ofِ genres.
The app works with Google Cardboard andِ Google Cardboard-certified viewers.

11. Wonderglade

Want a family-friendly addition toِ your arsenal ofِ virtual reality apps.
Check outِ a mini game called Hamster Hoops toِ play galactic basketball withِ space hamsters.
And play Magic Mayhem toِ smash flying crystals withِ a magic wand.