Testosterone Treatment Increases Muscle, Study Says, Fueling Debate


Testosterone Treatment Increases Muscle, Study Says, Fueling Debate

Testosterone therapy, inِ which testosterone isِ administered toِ men withِ lowِ levels ofِ the hormone, hasِ beenِ a controversial topic, withِ someِ advocating forِ the therapy asِ a wayِ toِ restore vitality inِ older men, butِ others areِ concerned aboutِ the health conditions, suchِ asِ heart problems andِ cancer, itِ may bring along.
Now, a newِ study shows thatِ men takingِ testosterone therapy forِ just overِ halfِ a year couldِ gain a fewِ pounds ofِ muscle mass andِ lose a correspondingِ amount ofِ body fat.
But whileِ theِ authors find theِ study encouraging, itِ may notِ doِ much toِ change theِ minds ofِ those skeptical ofِ the risks andِ benefits.

The study was published online Dec. 6 in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Testosterone and muscles

Researchers fromِ Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center inِ Boston measured theِ testosterone levels inِ the blood ofِ 58 men, andِ started themِ onِ testosterone therapy.
The study wasِ retrospective, Amory noted, meaning thatِ patients wereِ notِ randomized toِ receive orِ notِ receive testosterone.
While muscle mass increased inِ those treated, Amory said, itِ was onlyِ aboutِ 2.5 pounds.

That study included 209 men, whose average age was 74.

In myِ opinion, theseِ results wereِ simply anِ aberration, whichِ isِ something thatِ happensِ in medical science allِ the time, Morgentaler said.

For now, the debate goes on.

It’s a risk-benefit analysis].
It’s veryِ similar toِ theِ situation withِ estrogen forِ women, Amory said.
Doctors ofِ good faith canِ disagree aboutِ things whenِ there’sِ anِ absence ofِ data.

An answer?

Amory saidِ that someِ ofِ that disagreement shouldِ beِ cleared upِ byِ anِ ongoing randomized clinical trial, whichِ isِ expected toِ beِ completed inِ 2015.
That study, knownِ asِ The Testosterone Trial, isِ expected toِ enroll 800 men, andِ is beingِ led byِ Dr.
Each participant willِ apply a topical testosterone gel, orِ a placebo, toِ hisِ chest orِ arms daily, andِ the researchers willِ monitor factors suchِ asِ walking speed, memory andِ sexual activity, toِ seeِ ifِ the treatment isِ havingِ its intended effect.