Technology Is Bad For Your Health! 6 Dangerous Habits to Avoid

Dangerous Habits

Don’t watch too much TV. |

Technology Is Bad For Your Health! 6 Dangerous Habits to Avoid

It’s hard toِ getِ awayِ from technology.
Between ourِ cellphones, computers, tablets, andِ TVs, digital entertainment isِ everywhere.
In fact, youِ couldِ unknowingly haveِ several bad tech habits causing poor sleep patterns, bad posture, andِ eye problems.

1. You binge-watch TV before bed

Have youِ everِ spent anِ evening catching upِ onِ some ofِ your favorite TV shows, onlyِ to find thatِ when bedtime rolls aroundِ you’re wide awake.
It’s becauseِ watching TV beforeِ bed negatively impacts yourِ sleep.
To helpِ combat before-bed binging, SleepRate recommends turning theِ TV offِ inِ the middle ofِ anِ episode insteadِ of theِ end.

Keep gadgets away from where you sleep. |

2. You keep gadgets in your bedroom

Here’s anotherِ one thatِ canِ really harm yourِ sleep patterns.
“One ofِ the mostِ simple butِ important reasons technology affects ourِ sleep isِ cognitive stimulation,” Mark Rosekind, Ph.D., formerِ director ofِ the Fatigue Countermeasures Program atِ the NASA Ames Research Center, told WebMD.
In addition, ifِ you’re playing a video game orِ working onِ the computer beforeِ bed, itِ causesِ your body toِ tense up.

3. You stare at your tablet

Tablet users oftenِ lookِ atِ their device whileِ it’s resting onِ their lap, whichِ puts a lot ofِ strain onِ the neck muscles.
“If youِ thinkِ aboutِ your position whenِ you areِ hunched overِ lookingِ down, yourِ head isِ hanging outِ over space, soِ you areِ using yourِ neck muscles toِ support theِ weight,” saidِ Jack Dennerlein, director ofِ the Harvard Occupational Biomechanics Laboratory, toِ theِ Los Angeles Times.
If youِ catch yourselfِ staring downward, move yourِ tablet toِ a table-movie position; it’s theِ onlyِ position whereِ your posture isِ neutral, whichِ ensures that not a lot ofِ strain isِ beingِ placed onِ your neck.

4. You sit with bad posture

Staring at your tablet can cause a lot of strain. |

Most jobs require thatِ we sit inِ front ofِ a computer forِ hours onِ end.
When youِ add bad posture intoِ the mix, it’s a recipe forِ disaster.
Make sureِ your feet areِ flat onِ the floor, andِ your monitor shouldِ beِ placed directlyِ in front ofِ you withِ theِ top ofِ your screen atِ eye level.

5. You regularly scroll through newsfeeds

Always sit up straight. |

You knowِ howِ if you’re aroundِ a negative person, itِ starts toِ rub offِ on you.
Turns out, a negative person onِ social media canِ do theِ sameِ exact thing.
An easy fix? Delete users whoِ areِ alwaysِ negative, andِ keep thingsِ inِ perspective whenِ you start toِ feel envious ofِ someone else’s life.

6. You don’t take breaks

Your social media may be hurting your mental health. |

Step awayِ from theِ computer screen (after you’re doneِ reading this, ofِ course).
Breaks areِ necessary forِ good health.
Set anِ alarm clock reminder toِ getِ up andِ stretch yourِ legs regularly.