Taylor Swift A White Supremacy Golden Child

White Supremacy

Taylor Swift has a strange following. | Christopher Polk/Getty Images for TAS

Taylor Swift A White Supremacy Golden Child

Taylor Swift’s latest album, Reputation dropped onِ Nov.
10 toِ a fairlyِ lukewarm reception.
The controversial pop star hasِ comeِ under fire forِ her constant feuds, litigious nature, andِ lately, herِ white supremacy following.

1. Wait, what?

You heard thatِ right.
Swift’s #squad includes a wholeِ slew ofِ alt-right followers, asِ Breitbart firstِ pointed out.
Because theِ Internet is, well, theِ Internet, theseِ pop upِ inِ some surprising places.

Breitbart used Swift’s lyrics in an interesting way. | Oliver Darcy via Twitter

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2. Swift ‘embodies the Aryan spirit’

The community manager ofِ a now-defunct Facebook page called “Taylor Swift forِ Fascist Europe” explained thatِ Swift represents theِ ideal Aryan icon.
He told Broadly she “embodies theِ Aryan spirit.
“Being Aryan isِ not simply a matter ofِ blood, butِ it isِ alsoِ a matter ofِ spirit.

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3. Steve Bannon loved ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Swift represents whiteness embodied for some people. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

White supremacist site The Daily Stormer hasِ published atِ least 24 posts aboutِ — andِ usually defending — Swift.
Those include “Aryan Goddess Taylor Swift Accused ofِ Racism forِ Behaving Like anِ Ape inِ a Music Video” andِ “Memification: Top Feminist Calls Taylor Swift a Nazi.” The site alsoِ uses Swift asِ its header images inِ otherwise unrelated stories.
They actuallyِ fit well.

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4. Swift’s whiteness makes her ‘Glamorous,’ according to her fans

“Taylor Swift isِ a pure Aryan goddess, likeِ something outِ ofِ classical Greek poetry.
That’s theِ mostِ important thing,” Andre Anglin ofِ The Daily Stormer told Broadly.
“It isِ alsoِ an established fact thatِ Taylor Swift isِ secretly a Nazi andِ is simply waiting forِ the time whenِ Donald Trump makesِ itِ safe forِ her toِ comeِ out andِ announce herِ Aryan agenda toِ theِ world.” Anglin saidِ heِ andِ the alt-right await theِ day whenِ theِ singer becomesِ engaged toِ oneِ ofِ Trump’s sons andِ assumes herِ throne asِ American royalty.

A still from the video for “Look What You Made Me Do.” | Taylor Swift via Youtube

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5. Does Nazi imagery hide in Swift’s videos?

As oneِ blog onِ the subject points out, “Look What You Made Me Do” lyrics seemِ to offer quiet support ofِ a racial hierarchy.
The blogger posits thatِ manyِ on theِ alt-right seeِ the song asِ part ofِ a “re-awakening.” At oneِ point inِ the accompanying music video, sheِ lords overِ anِ army ofِ models fromِ a podium, inِ what looksِ likeِ anِ unsettling parallel toِ Hitler inِ Nazi Germany.
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6. Did T-Swift know about the hidden messaging?

Whether or not Swift realizes the messaging remains up for debate. | Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Some lines appearِ to signal theِ alt-right inِ some subtle, butِ frightening ways.
Locked meِ out andِ threw a feast.” These lyrics couldِ speak toِ white anger andِ affirm white supremacy.
Consider theِ fears President Donald Trump spoke toِ duringِ his campaign — ofِ beingِ “locked out” ofِ anِ increasingly diverse country.

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7. Is Swift the female Trump?

Trump isِ a patriarchal, rich white man thatِ embodies theِ anger driving white supremacist ideology.
protests andِ his response toِ it, theseِ fears motivate hisِ white-supremacist base.
So, apparently, doesِ Swift.

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8. Critics have called her ‘Nazi Barbie’

Camille Paglia wrote a scathing critique ofِ the pop star andِ her posse forِ The Hollywood Reporter.
It referred toِ herِ asِ anِ “obnoxious Nazi Barbie.” She saidِ “her twinkly persona isِ such a scary flashback toِ theِ fascist blondes whoِ ruled theِ social scene duringِ my youth.” While theِ singer’s alt-right image isِ almost certainlyِ not intentional, weِ haveِ to wonderِ whyِ sheِ hasn’t publicly denounced it.
Even a letter herِ lawyers wrote againstِ white supremacy wasِ notِ released forِ public consumption — untilِ theِ American Civil Liberties Union lambasted herِ forِ attempting toِ stifle free speech.