Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say


Sugar Should Be Regulated As Toxin, Researchers Say

A spoonful ofِ sugar mightِ makeِ the medicine goِ down.
Sugar andِ other sweeteners are, inِ fact, soِ toxic toِ theِ human body thatِ they shouldِ beِ regulated asِ strictly asِ alcohol byِ governments worldwide, according toِ a commentary inِ the current issue ofِ the journal Nature byِ researchers atِ the University ofِ California, San Francisco (UCSF).
The researchers propose regulations suchِ asِ taxing allِ foods andِ drinks thatِ include added sugar, banning sales inِ or nearِ schools andِ placing age limits onِ purchases.

Sour words about sugar

The background isِ well-known: In theِ United States, moreِ than two-thirds ofِ the population isِ overweight, andِ half ofِ them areِ obese.
Less known, andِ still debated, isِ sugar’s role inِ the obesity andِ chronic disease pandemic.
At issue isِ the fact thatِ glucose fromِ complex carbohydrates, suchِ asِ whole grains, isِ safely metabolized byِ cells throughoutِ theِ body, butِ the fructose element ofِ sugar isِ metabolized primarily byِ the liver.

Economists to the rescue

Lustig, a medical doctor inِ UCSF’s Department ofِ Pediatrics, compares added sugar toِ tobacco andِ alcohol (coincidentally madeِ fromِ sugar) inِ that itِ isِ addictive, toxic andِ has a negative impact onِ society, thusِ meeting established public health criteria forِ regulation.
Lustig advocates a consumer tax onِ anyِ product withِ added sugar.
Some researchers argue thatِ saturated fat, notِ sugar, isِ the root causeِ of obesity andِ chronic disease.