Style Tricks That Will Make Anyone Look Very Much Better


Knot your tie in advance. |

Style Tricks That Will Make Anyone Look Very Much Better

Looking forِ a quick wayِ toِ boost yourِ style.
Want toِ figure outِ a wayِ toِ save time gettingِ ready eachِ day.
From tying yourِ tie theِ night beforeِ to usingِ a marker onِ a scuffed shoe, theseِ six tips willِ makeِ your life easier (and helpِ you lookِ your best).

1. Tie your tie the night before work

If you’re notِ anِ expert tie-tier, save yourselfِ someِ morning anguish andِ tie yourِ four-in-hand knotted ties theِ evening beforeِ work.
In theِ morning, simply throw itِ aroundِ your neck, tighten it, andِ get onِ with yourِ life.
, 7 ] .

Save scuffed shoes with a marker. |

2. Use a marker on a scuffed shoe

You’re sitting onِ the subway whenِ you lookِ downِ andِ notice yourِ shoe isِ scuffed.
Rather thanِ running toِ theِ nearest store toِ buy a newِ pair, tryِ thisِ trick: Use a cotton napkin orِ towel toِ buff itِ out, transferring theِ wax andِ polish toِ theِ scuff.
Or, grab a black marker fromِ your desk and carefully color theِ scuffed area in.

 3. Get out toothpaste stains with water and detergent

Let thisِ beِ a lesson toِ you: Don’t brush yourِ teeth ifِ you’re wearing yourِ suit.
Get rid ofِ the toothpaste stain quickly by spot-cleaning itِ with water andِ bit ofِ detergent.
The onlyِ thing that’s goingِ to getِ it outِ isِ detergent, soِ spot clean itِ with someِ diluted detergent andِ a cloth forِ the bestِ results.

4. Use a pencil on a zipper that’s stuck

Toothpaste has a couple of great uses. |

It happened: You wentِ toِ theِ bathroom andِ now yourِ zipper isِ stuck.
Sneak back toِ your desk, grab a pencil, goِ backِ to theِ bathroom andِ rub theِ stuck zipper teeth withِ theِ graphite pencil tip toِ fix it.
Weirdly enough, theِ graphite lubricates theِ zipper.

5. Use a razor on a pilled sweater

Did your favorite sweater start pilling.
Pilling occurs naturally onِ allِ sweaters, butِ usually better-quality sweaters (because theyِ are made withِ longer fibers) tend toِ pill less.
This mayِ take youِ a while, soِ turn onِ your favorite show whileِ you doِ it.

6. Don’t wash your shirts and pants after only one wear

School supplies come in handy. |

There’s noِ needِ to wash theseِ items afterِ one wear, andِ here’s why: Most men shower regularly andِ groom themselvesِ enoughِ that theyِ canِ get multiple wears outِ ofِ their clothes beforeِ having to wash them, especiallyِ your jeans, whichِ GQ recommends washing afterِ five wears.
Save someِ water andِ lengthen theِ life ofِ your clothes.
Don’t worry — yourِ nose andِ eyes willِ tellِ you whenِ theyِ needِ to beِ laundered., 7 ] .

Razors are good for more than shaving. | Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Schick Hydro