Study: Men Need Cuddles, Too


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Study: Men Need Cuddles, Too

Men withِ long-term partners areِ more likelyِ to beِ satisfied withِ theirِ relationships ifِ they’re gettingِ lots ofِ hugs, cuddles andِ other signs ofِ physical affection, a newِ study finds.
The research, toِ beِ published inِ August inِ the journal Archives ofِ Sexual Behavior, alsoِ found thatِ men areِ more likelyِ to sayِ they’re happy inِ their relationships, whileِ women areِ more likelyِ to sayِ that they’reِ sexually satisfied.
Because there’sِ noِ way toِ beِ sure you’reِ goingِ to beِ right inِ anyِ way.

Long-term relationships

The newِ study looked atِ 1,009 couples fromِ the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Japan andِ Spain, allِ of whomِ hadِ beenِ in committed relationships forِ betweenِ one andِ 51 years.
Studying long-term couples isِ unusual, Heiman said, becauseِ most researchers focus onِ divorce andِ break-ups.
Little isِ known aboutِ whether theseِ long-term couples areِ happy andِ satisfied withِ theirِ partnerships, andِ less isِ known aboutِ what makesِ couples satisfied orِ not, Heiman said.

Health, happiness and sex

Recruiting people viaِ phone andِ door-to-door solicitations, theِ researchers gathered heterosexual volunteers toِ fill outِ a psychological questionnaire onِ their relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction andِ factors suchِ asِ length ofِ relationship, health andِ physical intimacy.
Men whoِ areِ healthy, forِ example, areِ 1.67 times moreِ likelyِ to sayِ they’re inِ a happy relationship thanِ men whoِ areِ in fair orِ poor health.
Brazilian andِ Spanish men wereِ lessِ likely thanِ Americans toِ report happy relationships, whileِ Japanese men wereِ moreِ likelyِ to beِ happily coupled.

Affection and satisfaction

Women’s sexual satisfaction alsoِ increased withِ time, thoughِ thatِ couldِ beِ because sexually unsatisfied women don’tِ stay inِ their relationships, leaving onlyِ the satisfied behindِ to answer questionnaires, Heiman said.
It mayِ beِ that theِ men whoِ endure inِ long-term relationships areِ the onesِ that kissing andِ cuddling isِ really important toِ them, Heiman said.
Heiman andِ her colleagues plan toِ continue theِ research lookingِ atِ how men’s andِ women’s sexual functioning influences long-term relationship satisfaction.