Study Identifies Bacteria in Offices


Credit: Yuri Arcurs | Dreamstime

Study Identifies Bacteria in Offices

You’d probablyِ rather notِ think aboutِ it, butِ there areِ hundreds ofِ species ofِ bacteria onِ your desk, according researchers whoِ sampled offices inِ three U.S.
And althoughِ offices inِ New York City andِ San Francisco hadِ similar types ofِ bacteria, thoseِ inِ the Golden State wereِ lessِ contaminated thanِ those inِ the Big Apple, theِ researchers said.
But don’tِ go running forِ the hand sanitizer justِ yet — althoughِ the findings haveِ anِ ick factor, bacteria inِ your office areِ not necessarily somethingِ to worry about, theِ researchers said.

More bacteria in men’s offices

Although weِ spend aboutِ 90 percent ofِ our lives indoors, surprisingly littleِ isِ known aboutِ the diversity ofِ bacteria inِ environments suchِ asِ offices, Kelley said, including howِ much isِ there andِ where itِ comesِ from.
The researchers swabbed employees’ chairs, phones, desktops, computer mice andِ keyboards.
Men hadِ aboutِ 10 toِ 20 percent moreِ bacteria inِ their offices, onِ average, compared withِ women.

Big Apple a germier place

New York City offices wereِ theِ germiest, andِ those inِ San Francisco wereِ theِ cleanest inِ terms ofِ bacteria quantities.
However, moreِ buildings wouldِ needِ to beِ sampled beforeِ conclusions couldِ beِ drawn aboutِ whether thisِ isِ a typical pattern forِ offices inِ these regions, andِ what mightِ beِ causing theseِ differences, Kelley said.
While similar types ofِ bacteria wereِ foundِ in New York andِ San Francisco, samples fromِ Tucson looked different, possibility becauseِ the southern city hasِ a differentِ climate.