Steroid Creams Won’t ‘Thin’ Skin of Kids with Eczema


Steroid Creams Won’t ‘Thin’ Skin of Kids with Eczema

Steroid creams andِ ointments, theِ gold standard forِ treating eczema, areِ safe forِ kids toِ use, according toِ a newِ study.
Steroid creams, alsoِ called topical corticosteroids, areِ effective forِ treating theِ symptoms ofِ eczema, butِ many parentsfear theِ creams canِ thin theِ skin —meaning, theِ skin becomesِ translucent, veins areِ easily visible andِ bruises, stretch marks andِ broken blood vessels mayِ occur, saidِ study researcher Dr.
Gayle Fischer, associate professor ofِ dermatology atِ the University ofِ Sydney inِ Australia.

The study was published today (April 21) in the journal Pediatric Dermatology.

No thinning

Fischer andِ her colleagues studied 92 children: 70 withِ eczema andِ 22 without.
Researchers hadِ children withِ eczema useِ asِ much steroid cream asِ was necessaryِ to control theirِ eczema.
When allِ the children usingِ theِ steroid cream hadِ their eczema underِ control, researchers evaluated theirِ skin forِ thinning withِ a miniature microscope.

Topical corticosteroids work by reducing the inflammation characteristic of eczema, Fischer said.

Fears abound

The fear ofِ thin skin comesِ from results ofِ steroid cream usage tests doneِ under extreme conditions, Fischer said.
These tests areِ alwaysِ done withِ drug testing toِ establish possibleِ side effects — forِ example, researchers give mega- doses ofِ drugs toِ mice toِ seeِ ifِ it causesِ cancer.
Despite everythingِ that hasِ beenِ published, weِ knowِ only tooِ well thatِ these medicines ifِ used properly doِ not causeِ thin skin, orِ doِ anythingِ else forِ that matter, otherِ than improve theِ eczema.