Spanking, Hitting Kids in Public Surprisingly Common, Study Finds


Spanking, Hitting Kids in Public Surprisingly Common, Study Finds

Parents getِ physical withِ unruly children farِ more inِ public thanِ they doِ when theyِ knowِ psychologists orِ other researchers areِ looking, a newِ study finds.
In anِ experiment thatِ involved surreptitiously watching parents discipline theirِ kids inِ public places suchِ asِ restaurants, researchers foundِ that inِ 23 percent ofِ cases, mom orِ dad resorted toِ negative touch toِ getِ their child toِ comply.
The findings suggest thatِ mostِ social science research inِ parenting misses outِ onِ these sorts ofِ incidents, study researcher Kathy Stansbury, a professor ofِ human development andِ family studies atِ Michigan State University, saidِ inِ a statement.

Spanking debate

There isِ plenty ofِ controversy inِ parenting circles aboutِ whether physical discipline, especiallyِ spanking, isِ everِ okay.
Instead, theyِ were interested inِ the immediateِ effects ofِ touch inِ discipline.
Previous studies haveِ foundِ that positive touch, suchِ asِ tickles, hugs, pats andِ gentle guidance areِ associated withِ happy outcomes (and good behavior) inِ young children.

Discipline methods

Of theِ 106 episodes, 24 (or 23 percent) involved negative touch, whileِ anotherِ 35 (or 33 percent) involved positive touch.
Finally, inِ 38 percent ofِ cases, theِ caregiver didِ not touch theِ child atِ all.
Male caregivers usedِ touch equally forِ bothِ boys andِ girls, butِ female caregivers wereِ moreِ likelyِ to useِ negative touch withِ boys andِ positive touch withِ girls.

The researchers detailed their findings in the journal Behavior and Social Issues.

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